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Don’t Pee in the Pool

Hola Nachos! Today we defended Cold Front from RPF. We started out small (as did they,) but we gradually grew to our max of 12-ish as the battle progressed.

good ass image.png

RPF is trying to claim victory, even though we clearly handed their asses to them tonight. Good job everyone! Keep up the good work. See “Continue Reading” for more pictures and don’t forget to comment if you were here!

I did most of the snapshotting tonight:



I guess Tillium Fashion is getting quite popular, as someone seems to have stolen my look!







And some pictures from Cookky:

angrery mess cookky

fear sombrero Cookky

Count the RPF

rip rebellion Cookky

And now for the fun pictures!

We actually started in the Box Dimension, but quickly evacuated.

Streak box Dimension

Also I really had to pee. Oops.

takin a pisssssssss

Wow, you leading a virtual army is going to totally crush my future aspirations and plans. I’m terrified.



Also, some gold from the RPF chat:


A bad word was said.

Oh the fuckin’ humanity!

It was a business doing pleasure with you nachos!

~Pony Eee / Till Wurner, Retired 2ic

P.S. Hi Mario998

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  1. I came!

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