Luigi Wins by Doing Nothing

Hola Nachos! Today’s UK event wasn’t really too eventful, neither our chat or RPF’s chat had good sizes (well, our chat had a good size but consisted of mostly vets.) People gradually started to log on though, and by the end of the event we had about 10 Nachos online.


Orgy on me.png

In the end, RPF decided not to come on today, which was understandable due to their chat size. Thank you to the one or two of you who were on for a few minutes though! We appreciate the effort.

RPF isn't coming on.png

Also, Well done to the nachos who logged on today. See you all later tonight at the US event, hopefully!

~Pony Eee / Till Wurner, Retired 2ic.

2 Responses

  1. I came!

  2. I came to it!

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