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CPAC Legends Cup VIII: Finals Guidance and Tips [EXTREMELY IMPORTANT]

Hola Nachos! I’ve wanted to make such a post for every Tournament we participated, but I was too bored to. But now, this will be our final battle, and I want it to be good. Today, I’m gonna give you some basic information, tips and guidance in order for us to succeed. You are required to continue reading.


Table of Contents:

  1. Log on in Time
  2. Starting Room
  3. Tactics
  4. Battle Tips
  5. Rewards



We need to be ready and prepared to fight before the battle actually begins. We cannot be logging on Club Penguin right at the moment the battle starts today. Right when that judge declares for the battle to start, our entire force must be on! We want to be attacking at full-force, but we need YOU to make sure you get here early.





About 15 minutes before the battle begins, we will start having some warm-up tactics, in order to perform divinely during all the battle ahead of us. You must log on time, in order to get ready to do your best.

Then, of course, right when clock hits battle time, we will already be ready, and we will explode onto the scene!

Just as a reminder, here is the battle time for today’s battle:

  • 4:00 pm Eastern
  • 3:00 pm Central
  • 2:00 pm Mountain
  • 1:00 pm Pacific
  • 8:00 pm UK

For times for other countries, visit https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/beginners-guide/time-zones/





Like every tournament, there will be a judge on our chat who will announce the room at exactly 4:00 EST. Therefore, we must not talk on chat in order to see the Judge’s call. This will benefit everyone, as if the message disappears from the front page of chat, the other Nachos will have to scroll up to figure out which the room is. So, this includes owners, do not repeat the room. Let Judge’s message be visible. As you will already have maps open, you must immediately open your CP tab and enter the desired room. Once you arrive there, I want us to immediately start making the formation ordered by the ONE leader who will lead.

By 3:45 EST, we should have a completed stunning formation of a range between 40-50+ Nachos. If the room does become full before you try to enter, do not get worried or log off. Keep using the map to try to enter the room. It will eventually work. Trust me.

I recommend the people who are locked out to camp out in the Snow Forts and keep trying to get into the room. If you’re in this situation, make sure to still be alert and paying attention as the judges may decide to move the battle elsewhere.



If you’ve been in this army for more than a few days now, you should already be accustomed to how we go about using tactics. We’re going to try to be as maneuverable and as swift as we can, so there is going to be absolutely no downtime today – we’re going to keep pounding away at our opponent until the 45 minutes and 2 room changes are up. However, you need to be incredibly responsive on CP for our tactics to really shine. Even if we’re outnumbered by a few troops, we’re never out of it, Nachos; our tactics can and will carry us if we have some size and are all awake on CP, so please be as active as you can today.



These tips are very simple, and they will win us the battle. Please, follow all of them. (You’ve already seen them before, but they are important!)

  • Be on Nacho Chat early, and be ready to log on 30 minutes prior to the actual battle starting.
  • Listen to the leaders (owners). Do not listen to any other rank. Follow the orders given from the leaders, and carry out those orders on Club Penguin.
  • Do NOT leave the room the Nachos reside in. If the opponent is in a different room, there is NO need to see how big they are. Focus on the Nachos and what we’re doing. We are the stronger army.
  • Do NOT sit on each other! Stand shoulder-to-shoulder to appear as large as possible; don’t overlap! [IMPORTANT]
  • If the Nachos switch rooms, YOU MUST MOVE QUICKLY. The opponent will follow, and if you’re too slow, you may get locked out. Be alert and pay attention, so this will not happen to you.
  • DO THE TACTIC UNTIL EVERYONE DOES IT. If the tactic is a phrase, it helps to copy it then paste it again.
  • Do not get discouraged if you are locked out. Keep trying; it will open up!
  • “It’s not over until the last man is standing.” Never ever give up.
  • Above all, have fun! This is a huge battle, but we want everyone to enjoy it as well!



For this battle, I will be giving away tons of rewards! This means if you do attend this battle, you will most likely be receiving a prize such as xats or promotion! However, if you want any reward, you must do a few things:

  1. Log on early on Club Penguin and Nacho chat! (30 minutes early)
  2. Stay on Club Penguin the ENTIRE battle! (It’s only a 45 minute battle…)
  3. Follow the exact orders given from Nacho chat!


  • 500 xats Giveaway[If goal reached]
  • 1000 Xats giveaway[If we win]
  • Temporary moderator rank on chat for a lucky member[If you attend this battle]
  • Temporary Owner rank on chat for a lucky Moderator[If we win this battle]
  • new site updates[If we win this battle]
  • I will do your mathematics homework-I am a top A* GCE Maths student[If we win this battle]
  • An event of your choice[If we win this battle]
  • We will get a huge trophy to case in our enormous trophy shelf![If we win this battle]
  • More Contests![Either we win or not]
  • I will post my face on the site![If we win this battle]
  • Many more awards!

NOTE: Temporary promotion will last for 3 days, unless you abuse your power. If you abuse your power, we will member you instantly.


Our long journey of Tournaments in Nachos will end when this battle comes to an end. Therefore, we shall make it matter, and memorize it in our souls as a great experience of life. Join us for a very final bang!

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.


We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas! 

Great credit to Puckley, Beeky and Edd for their older posts.


Thank you for reading this. I really appreciate your dedication.

Legofan Cy~Nachos F1 Champion

One Response

  1. Here’s another good tip: keep Xat and Club Penguin in separate windows, and have them on the same screen, either side by side (my preference) or one on top of the other. Also, I’m still not in the ranks. Please add Kevin 63351 or Gustav Holst as a mod, because I was one when I left in 2014 (https://nachoarmy.net/2014/10/04/promotion-day-september-2014/). I came to the semi-final and a couple of battles after that, if those count for a promotion.

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