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The Glory is Ours

Hola Nachos!

We have done it! We are the 2017 and final ever Legends Cup champions! I don’t think we could have imagined a more fitting piece to our final days as an army. Winning perhaps the last biggest battle in Club Penguin is a grand achievement, and it is only right that we sent this army out on top as the very best while adding another triumph to our rich history.

Thank you to everyone, active and retired, who attended today’s battle and helped us prepare this week. It was wonderful to see old and new names unite to bring home one final victory for this great army. The dedication and loyalty of our troops and the connection of our family is unmatched. It’s certainly the reason why we won today and have won so many battles in the past, and it is definitely why we’re the greatest army in this game.

Today along with this entire tournament has been a true testament to the greatness of the Nachos. No matter the situation and no matter the odds, great armies and soldiers always find ways to win, regardless of the adversity. This is exactly who we proved we are, Nachos. Give us a challenge, and we’ll find a way to succeed.

The Glory is Ours.


Read more for the battle synopsis and other pictures.

Battle Synopsis

And that is precisely what we managed to do this afternoon, overcoming the most chaotic battle I’ve ever been a part of along with a very strong opponent in the Light Troops. We faced heavy bot raids throughout the battle that really complicated the room changes. It was so bad that the majority of us could not even enter the room literally one second after the room was announced (and even having the chat and Club Penguin window side-by-side, nonetheless).

However, the Light Troops were still somehow managing to get over eighty-five percent of their forces into the room compared to our less than fifteen percent. This happened for two consecutive rooms in the Stadium and the Beach, and quite frankly, the rarity of this happening is almost implausible if the room changes are done properly at the same time. Even if the Light Troops had a larger force of “55+” according to their estimates, we still had about 40+ troops to counter, and I’ve never witnessed such a discrepancy in a tournament battle. I could perhaps understand if the Light Troops consisted mostly of members (as known and proven that members have the advantage over non-members in entering full rooms); however, this is not the case as most of their force consisted of non-members temporarily joining from the CPPS virtual penguin.

We knew something was wrong and that the Light Troops were most likely entering the room early, and it was eventually determined the battle room was being leaked to the Light Troops prior to us entering the room. Moments of chaos ensued as the judges discussed how to proceed, and I’ve never experienced a circumstance of that much confusion in the middle of a battle (a tournament finals, nevertheless). Thankfully and to the credit of the judges, it was resolved the room announcements were moved solely to CPAC’s chat instead of on the respective army chats.

And that’s where the battle changed. Despite almost everything going against us in the first half of the battle (even if unfairly out of our control), we persevered and never gave up on our chances of winning. The strength of this army began to prevail and again we found ways to win with our backs against the wall.  It’s actually quite amazing how dramatically the battle turned once the playing field was equaled. We proceeded to excel to great performances in the Snow Forts and the Ice Berg that ultimately won us the battle. A combination of our size and superb tactics proved to be superior in the Snow Forts and while inferior in size in the Ice Berg, our tactical prowess proved to be superior and more effective once again.

Many of our opponents often forget about the importance of tactics in these types of battles and generally believe that size is king. While size is important, it is not the only factor that determines the winner of a battle. Tactics are not just simply random emotes; it’s a combination of formations and movement to give the perception of dominance over the opponent. With this having been common storyline throughout our history with many opponents, it is quite fitting for it to reappear in this battle. And even more fitting that it likely gave us the final advantage.

I do feel for the Light Troops in this situation falling on the other side of the outcome, but I’m not going to discredit what we were able to accomplish together. It was certainly a great battle and no one can discount what they will able to achieve and do today and in their history. What we were able to do is what we rightfully earned and I could not be more proud for all of you that your efforts were rewarded with a great declaration of victory.


Final Words

Great, great job today, Nachos. We often talk about rising up to the challenge and rising to the glory that awaits for us. This has unequivocally always been a process we continually renew, wishing and demanding for greater and more success. And while this is something I encourage you to always do in your life, we have essentially reached the end of that journey here. But what we have risen to, what we have created through memories, success, and fun is now for us to relive, celebrate, and enjoy. What we created and shared here together is ours, and that glory will forever be ours.



The chaos of the battle led to a lack of pictures, but we will have video uploaded soon. I’ll try to grab additional screenshots from the video. If anyone has more pictures, feel free to add here or in a comment.

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


21 Responses

  1. I was there, but only made it to the snow forts. I wish I was there at the ice berg 😦

  2. I made it! Awesome job nachos!

  3. You guys are really incredible. I’m very sorry I couldn’t attend since I’m far away from home and far away from access to a computer, but I couldn’t be more proud of you guys. I knew you could do it no matter what happened ❤️ I was also really happy when I opened up Xat Mobile and saw my veteran leader friends and the new leaders I’ve come to be friends with all online together! It’s really something how we can all come together like that, I can only hope it happens again sometime before the game shuts down. Anyway, this comment is getting long, I’ve gotta go back to doing things on my vacation, and I’m probably gonna write an incredibly sappy post sometime after I come home. You all are amazing, Nachos!

  4. Worst battle I’ve ever fought in, but it’s one of the greatest displays of the Nacho attitude to never give up. Well done everybody.

  5. I came to it! The Nacho Army is so amazing…

  6. I came!,
    I was in snow forts and ice berg,
    I am proud to be in nachos:)

  7. We did it again Nachos, even with all the odds against us. It was really awesome to see practically all Nachos generations getting together and fighting the final tournament battle ever. We could’ve just logged off when someone in CPAC announced the rooms early 2 times to LT, since things seemed to be out of our control, but we aren’t a small army to do so, we are the Nachos, the greatest and most legendary army ever. After being cheated for more than 30 minutes (2/3 of the battle) we didn’t give up and kept fighting. It can be considered the best comeback ever in a tournament battle. This is what makes us the biggest: most of the times we start as the underdogs but we finish in the first place. Thanks for everyone who came and supported us through the tournament. We hear maracas!

  8. They doubted us but look who prevailed. Glad to have been apart of this battle. Viva Los Nachos!

  9. Shut the fuck up all of you, LT clearly won, and Verum admitted to using bots.

    • We’re happy you care so much to come to our site and complain. May your defeat help you grow and learn as an individual.

  10. Despite all of the shit that happened, it was a fantastic and unforgettable event. #ProudToBeANacho ❤


  12. I came ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but was locked out of the Snow Forts and Iceberg.
    Congratulations to all Nachos for their superior tactics and perseverance. Please enjoy this fresh original content:

  13. love you all ❤ viva los nachos

  14. Congrats to the Nachos. 🙂

  15. Congrats!

  16. Congrats Nachos! It is the reward of all your hard work!

  17. Bookend championships. A perfect way to go out.

  18. Congrats Nachos! (;

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