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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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My last take

I really don’t expect anyone to read this post on October 8th, 2019, but I thought I’d rant for the f*** of it. It’s come to my attention that the Army of Club Penguin has returned to do absolutely nothing on some knockoff version of the original game. Now I was apart of this game from 2010-2013, 2015-2017, and I have zero regrets in my time here. I met a lot of cool people and I had a lot of fun. I’m 19 now, and while I’m long done with penguin circlejerking, I see how people younger than me could still enjoy it.

But, I personally draw the line at some point. Most of the “Club Penguin” armies died when Club Penguin itself shut its doors. I was a proponent of keeping armies around as long as the game was. But the game died…. and a small minority of people are still circlejerking on CP. I think the current armies still around are EGCP, the Templars, ACP, RPF, and Lord 26 year old incel Pain’s glorious Shadow Troops? I mean look at that list, its f****** atrocious. The worst part is, all these dudes barely even fight each other on the jank ass Private servers they play on. They literally sit in circle jerks and make emotes. I just don’t get it man.

Anyway, enough with the ranting. Heres some waxing, poetic bullshit that I feel needs to be addressed. CP armies in my eyes are deceased. We all had a great time, we learned about ourselves, and most importantly we had fun. Let a good thing stay in the past, and stop trying to  bring back a dying game within a dying game. It will never be what it was. The player base isn’t growing and it never will. It’s like everyone trying to reboot an ancient beloved movie series or making a sequel that doesn’t belong. I can’t put this any kinder, but please **** off.

The Nacho Army will never return. RPF’s like a walking onion article and ACP coming back is a huge mistake; it’s only going to taint the legacy so many kids were able to build up over the years. I mean look at RPF, it’s not even kids playing anymore. It’s straight pedos or like 23 year olds I shit you not.

We don’t march to the beat of the drums, we hear maracas. We’re not coming back, and this site will continue to remain a memorial. A special thanks to whoever put up Halloween gfx after all our old ones vanished in thin air.

Rest in peace to the toughest and chillest group of penguin-snotty-squeaky children individuals ever assembled.

All Hail Nachonnia!

Well that’s my two cents. Hope everyone’s doing well.




19 Responses

  1. DiK (___)_)=====D

  2. preach

  3. Try Minecraft, or some other game, anyway long live Nachos!

  4. Yo I was around in 2008 when zippy500 was the General. I was a such a troll and never got promoted to mod but I miss those xat chat days just socializing with no filter. Disney really did the most and fucked up the essence of the game. But life goes on.

  5. I remember joining this when I was young and decided to google it. We had some good times. Im also 19 now. Crazy to see this shit lmao thanks for the update buddy best of luck!!

  6. Lmfao B its subz (Subzero, Pcp) from the og days, Love ya man! ❤

  7. Happy New Year! We are practically on course to enter the third decade of Club Penguin armies.

    A new post on the Club Penguin United Nations:


  8. It is worrying how many people over 20 still haven’t left armies. They really need to let it go, it surely can’t be healthy…

    We all have so many great memories from this game, but if you’re chasing after the nostalgia trip and still dedicating your life to Club Penguin armies, you’re missing out on so many great things in life.

    • Are there actually? Thought this ended for good..I am now almost 19, doing my obligatory army service in cyprus, then heading to the UK to study maths. I have so much nostalgia over cpa, but it’s finished, I am super happy to have moved on from this and other childish time-wasting activities online..

      • Good to hear that you’re doing well Lego!
        I’m sure you’ll have an absolute blast studying here in the UK! Definitely make the most of it!

      • LegoFan Cy? I thought you left a long time ago. Good to see you man! If you want we can Discord sometime.

      • Legofan! I remember our little battles on the CPAC contests! Glad to see you’re doing good in life.

        • Haha yeah Sonic, I remember too! I stopped being active in the cpa community Yehaw, but I still use my laptop lol, send me your name+tag we can discord anytime! And thank you Chrisi, one of the best characters the army has ever seen, love you(although I still pronounce your name as Chrisiblue!)

  9. What is your Club Penguin Username?(required)
    Fluffy 9404
    Will you try to attend our next battle on Club Penguin(be at xat.com/NachosHQ for battle)?(required)
    Nah I’m good
    What country or region do you live in? (US, UK, Australian, etc.)
    Have you ever been into another Army? If so, what Army and what rank?
    The Irish Republican Army
    Do you promise to remain active and never betray us?
    Idk maybe lol

  10. Well shit boys, Nachos gonna be making a return to CPO?

  11. If anyone sees this, I’m Naked.

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