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Clash of Unforgiven battle results

Zayer: I agree with 50, we do contend for second. As 3ic, I think we all did well, and should give ourselves a hand 😛 Also sorry to be editing so much as 3ic, i just like it better than commenting.

50: I’ll have some pics up soon.  I would also like to argue the Nachos being tied with ACP for second considering that ACP wasn’t winning most of the time they were in combat, and they really weren’t well prepared.

Hello Nachos and CP army world.. I am here to post about the clash of unforgiven. This was a great battle to lead/watch and it gave people a look of what the war server thing would be like. I would like to thank all the armies who came and participated at this battle. Most of you are probably wanting the results so here they are

1. NW….. NW and ACP had a very close match the whole battle but NW had the slight edge in number AND tactics therefore they win the “Clash of the Unforgiven” this year. They averaged around 45-50 troops.

2. ACP… ACP also had a great battle with their normal size in numbers and alright tactics but couldnt pull it off enough to beat the NW but they still had a great battle. They averaged around 40-45 sometimes 50.

3. Nachos… The Nachos had around 25-30 and at times 35 the whole time and fought off all the other armies besides ACP and NW since they were in constant combat the whole time and the room was full.

4. RPF… RPF had an alright turnout of about 10-13 and fought against the Nachos in the town alot of the time.

5. WW… Watex Warriors were there briefly and had around 9-12… I didnt see them much so I cant give you much detail…

5. Pirates… The Pirates averaged around 5-9 the whole time and were busy fighting Nachos and Rpf most of the time in the Town/Plaza.

6. Blue Army… I am not sure about how many soldiers Blue Army actually had since 3/4 of them were bots but im guessing they averaged 1-3 people.

These are the only armies I saw. If your army was there leave a comment of how many you had (be truthful) and your army name and i’ll add you


21 Responses

  1. Wow, thank you! I was expecting a lower one. I came on late too; Bob Lead the whole time :3

  2. Damn Straight

  3. …..

  4. Good fight you armies, and congratz NW. Im so glad I made it tho this awesome event. I hope we do another soon, like very soon!

  5. was definitely alot of fun, hope to do it again sometime. congrats to nw and ACP

  6. Cpac better post on this & The might of the night showed tthier might

  7. will there be promos for today?

  8. I think we should have a Clash of Unforgiven once a month. It was a lot more fun than the World Wars For Fun (irony).

  9. It was really fun

  10. i was there

  11. CA would have been there but they weren’t
    we wont participate in wars until we get more people
    Support us plz

    log on to: LINK REMOVED
    and join.
    we don’t have a policy saying you cant be on any enemy army because we havent declared war on anybody.

  12. Cool! 🙂

  13. Sorry I couldn’t make it, but great job everyone! And congratulations to Nw.

  14. my army is called frozen vikings

    We managed to have about 10-15 there we was at War with Watex warriors

  15. blue army are n00bs

  16. […] include leading NW to victory over ACP, Nachos, RPF, and winning the Clash of The Unforgiven War (https://nachoarmy.net/2010/10/16/clash-of-unforgiven-battle-results/). He still leads NW today. (Credit to NW mod Jack McIntyr for […]

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