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The War Server Constroversey

Thekids retirement post here

Dont forget about Tan’s igloo contest post here

Also dont forget about Folays ‘Recruiting Party’ here

OR just read below this post 😀

The War Server System may not work correctly if 2/3 of the armies are using it while the other third are not.  That is why now I think we should have 15 servers that can be invaded and 1 or 2 neutral servers purposely for War. I don’t hate invading servers though I’m annoyed how all 130+ servers in Club Penguin are open to invading.  Having a collection of 5 servers isn’t much of an accomplishment when there are over 130 servers in all of Club Penguin.  Why not make our server system more stable?  Why not make a server collection look like an achievment?  And why not have another War Server like Mammoth again? If we put a poll for this on a site such as Club Penguin Army Central I’m confident that at least 2/3 of the voters will agree.  Here are the servers I think should be invadable, just my opinion.

  • Breeze
  • Snow Fort
  • Mammoth
  • White House
  • Sub Zero
  • Frozen
  • Fog
  • Tuxedo
  • Tundra
  • Sleet
  • Snowbound
  • Big Foot
  • Grizzly
  • Crystal
  • Rocky Road

29 Responses

  1. first!

  2. Outback would likely be the neutral server.

  3. I WASSSSS BOOOOOOOOOOOOORED so i decided to leave a comment….third…..

  4. Vote on 15? Ok…

    Snow Fort,
    Snow Bodnd
    Big Foot
    White House
    That is all I feel like voting for

  5. Here’s the servers i think we need:
    Wool Socks
    Sub Zero(that was the first server i ever went o cp)
    and that one server with the K in it Kusciko(something like that)

  6. ACP would think you are just trying to make acp loose servers because of breeze and mammoth (roll)

  7. Well 5 severs that I whould like to see as war severs

    Mamouth- where I saw the nachos that recruited me I belive it was Puckly

    Snow fort- this is where I had my frist war while fighting for the nachos

    Frozen- where I met most of my cp freinds

    Sleet- a fun place to go

    Subzero- this is the frist sever I ever went on back in 2007 also my frist war romans vs Vikings

  8. Of course- You make ACP’s Capital one. 🙄 Typical Nachos.

  9. I agree but I think we should have outback a neutral server.

  10. i think



    White house

    Sub Zero

    Rocky Road

  11. I appreciate having my comments deleted, can we admit this is biased yet?

    50: Explain how this is biased.

  12. This is so biased, why not have Fjord up there? Why does ACP give up so much and Nachos give up a server ACP gave them in white house ? Put Fjord on the list.

    50: Wait, your saying your giving up more servers than us? Were saying these would be the only servers used for armies. ACP should be honored that they get to keep the msot servers instead of complaining.

  13. most are acp servers man!

  14. I as a acp soldier think Mammoth is a HORRIBLE war sever.Fjord is way better.Sience fjord has like 3 bar all the time.mammoth is almost always full

  15. […] ours below). Unfortunately the have deleted the comment I made at the link above, as you can see here. You can also view their opinion on “bias” here, where my other comment has still not […]

  16. Hai,

    I will be hosting a Halloween Day Raid. To join, comment at http://wwofcp.com/2010/10/19/halloween-day-raid-2/ and answer those three questions. Hope you accept!

    WW Leader

  17. To all noobs,

    “The three servers selected by the Nachos as the war servers were 3 of the best servers those 2 armies owned. So is this really an attempt to bring all armies to a Golden Age, or merely the Nachos attempt at helping themselves?”

    Don’t just tkae off of Boomers opinion of war servers and say It’s the best,.

    To all ‘ACP’ Noobs,

    Just because your capitol is up there, doesn’t mean it’s going to become a war server. And so what if it does? Boo, there are alot of servers claimed by major armies, and unfortunately ACP has the lot

  18. I think these should be war severs
    white house


    sub zero

    out back

    snow fort

    And each army can have maxuimum of 5 severs

  19. Friggen hell, Just add Fjord to the list.

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