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Edit: Rjm has been suspended, and not for the kid incident. For mods and owners, do not unban her under any circumstances~50, Zayer, Folay

Thekid edit- My retirement post here

Wow ACP… I thought you had more heart than this I mean seriously.. Well I’ll start off with this

  • What happened to a no flame war?

Im getting hate comments on the Nacho site everyday from some sort of ACP high rank/any ACP. I go on ACP chat and Nacho soldiers are there making a commotion and I tell them to leave ACP chat and I get banned? What is this? Telling my soldiers to leave your chat for your own good.

  • You try to control EVERYTHING

For example our war server idea. Everyone was fine with it until Bob decides he doesnt like it? Now everyone is “ZOMG THIZ WAER SARVAR TING IZ STOOPID!!!” You dont control the CP army world. To other CP army’s dont let ACP control you.. You have just as much power as they do.

I come to ACP chat and get disrespected, nasty words are said to me, All of the above. Two ACP owners start to have a fight and I try to be a good guy and stop them. Nacho soldiers start annoying them and I say to leave and I get banned. This is just outragous. Therefore this is now an ALLIES war.

To my Nacho soldiers. ARENT YOU TIRED OF LOSING TO ACP? THEM OUTNUMBERING YOU?THEM PUSHING YOU AROUND? I sure am tired of it. Ive seen this happen since 2009 and I cannot stand it anymore. We WILL beat ACP and we WILL get number 1. LETS DO THIS.

If you want to help the Nachos in this war leave a comment with your army and try to make all our invasions/defences 🙂








12 Noon CST





56 Responses

  1. I’M TIRED TO LETS GET THEM AND SHOW THEM WHOS BOSS! and im 1st for a comment

    • Look man, I am tired ACP’s shit too. They’ve been doing this throughout CP Warfare. WW2, WW3, and WW4.

      To any admin: INSPIRATION SPEECH (anything all caps, bold it)
      Since the dawn of true CP Warfare after the Color Wars, The Army of Club Penguin has controlled EVERYTHING. For example, WW2 was sparked because Oagal claimed ACP owns mammoth, and the Romans just so happened to be on it. WW3 was sparked when Oagal thought UMA can hurt ACP (yeah say not just ACP, Oagal I know you only care about ACP. That’s why you are still active at age 17) WW4 was sparked when ACP seized full control of mammoth. To this day, every army fears ACP, including (no offense) ACP’s allies. RPF and WW are obviously weaker than ACP, and are hiding behind them. But face it, you guys are a lot stronger. And when the outrage of WW4 occured, even RPF and WW turned on ACP to prevent their goal. I am not saying this about re-controlling mammoth. I am saying this for liberation. I know that once again, ACP can be beat. Another factor that makes ACP too strong, is the fact they ALWAYS WIN. Even when its an injustice war (like this one), ACP wins. However, it is YOU that can stop it. ACP’s allies are the only factor that makes ACP win during an injustice war. Now, it is YOU that must change that. I hope this speech inspires you to help. I am not asking you to go with us, but I am asking you at least not help ACP. That way, the justice can be served without ACP’s allies in the way. It is because you, ACP’s allies have done nothing wrong against the Nachos, but only join ACP’s injustices.

  2. Yeah sure my army will help our link is http://clubpenguinpartyhatsarmy.wordpress.com/
    Let’s get acp!

  3. 😯
    Oh gawd, what did our Leaders do now? Oh well, still love ya Tan </3

  4. God help all of you.

    • Im with tan on this one and Tan if you needed to be un banned on ACP chat why didnt you say so D:

      Plus I agree even though im in ACP its quite true you guys really try to control everything when theres a a war between another army some how we always get invovled and i get quite tired of it and no nobody edited this comment it was fine as it is -.-

  5. Shut the Hell up Nachos. All the armies that said Nay had an isuse before ACP brought it up.

  6. 1. I think you accidently flipped the times around. shouldn’t it be 2 pm est, 1 pm cst, 12 noon mst and 11 am pst?
    2. I am a nacho, but I won’t be dressed like one. I will be leading an ally. I will let my army know that we are helping you. It’s only 5 troops, but every person counts.
    ps. we are the CPED.

  7. […] attack ACP in this little flame war thing that ACP is starting. heres a link to the Nacho post. https://nachoarmy.net/2010/10/19/to-acpinvasion-of-snowfort-server/ and heres the info, if you don’t want to go to their […]

  8. 2nd, and I will try to make it.

  9. I’ll be there.
    Aka Matt

  10. Sweeeettt.Im in.

  11. YOU DON’T THINK I’M NOT COMING ARE YOU. LETS EAT THEM UP. And I might just get there a little late like at 11:20 East. Somewhere around that. NACHOS HAVE THIS ONE!

  12. 2nd,

    I have 3 things to say.
    1.That was a very inseritinal post(i am a acp soldier)
    2.I never spazed out about the war sever idea.It is just that mammoth is a bad sever because it is almost always full.fjord is a good one bcause of it having 2-3 bars all the time.

  13. I am freineds with some major/meduim army leaders i’m sure they whould help

  14. Uugh. I agree on most paarts. ACP’s annoying. Period. Like I said on their site: Uh, ACP’s not that important. Go on Mammoth anyway! Who cares about what they have to say? They’re just an army full of noobs

  15. Hi, it’s me the leader of Task Force Army ( your ally ) we would love to help you! We hate ACP! So we’ll come! http://taskforcearmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

  16. Hi it’s the Task Force Army (Your ally)! We want to help you with ACP, so we’ll come! http://taskforcearmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/
    Zayer:Thank You for Your Support. Glad you could join the party 😉

  17. ill be there

    ‘MAY THE VICTORIOUS ONE WIN’ (which is nachos)

  18. 4:00 gmt I think

  19. Edit: You have to give us 24 hour notice, tell a leader on chat, and have more then 5 people at a battle. Please schedule again when these requirements have been met.

  20. Yeo I will probably be dare,

  21. I cannot make it, I’m from UK. Bring the N.E.D back please. BTW I believe I am the highest ranked European Nacho and I wouldn’t mind leading it…

  22. whats the uk time?

  23. ive seen this shit go on throughout the whole time ive been in CP Warfare.


  25. all i got to say is that gares is a tratior

    • WHAT?!!! Well im only spying on the acp So im An acp For a reason!! gosh! And Ktonboy98 is The Won Who wanted me to spy for no reason Its all his fault!! and spying on acp is kinda wat i do in an army!

      And no im not a traitor! i gate trading on an army that probably i would ever like in the world!!!
      And Why would i trade the Nachos! i love this Nacho Army!!!
      well they could be a pain in butts sometimes! lol

      NACHOS RULE!!! Acp are nubs and im sick of ii!!!
      nachos probably are better than Acp! if i did join then i would be distress and all tht stuff!! lol

      SO I AINT A TRAITOR!!!! lol ( maybe )

      ~ Gares ~

  26. I can’t make it. Saturday is NOT a good day for me.

  27. Most likely I’ll make it

  28. I, Alex Cone, might not make it at first to lead the CPED. If I can’t, Roxas89 will be leading us in this battle. plz, don’t think he’s fighting against you.

  29. i can make it

  30. Seriously? Those reasons are not enough to go to war. I don’t really care, but I’m pretty sure 50 was going around asking people to vote yes on his server idea. Maybe it’s not that ACP told them to vote no, but because it actually is “”stoopid”.

    • This reason is more than enough to go to war., This is CLUB PENGUIN we’re talking about, not the war of 1812

  31. Im Coming!!!! Also I didnt know we had a losing streak against the ACP…

  32. i might be able to come if the war gos for a long time!


  34. Some guy commented on my site saying this is a 1 on 1 battle :S


  35. (This has been posted in several blogs too)

    Please read everyone!

    The calendar you have seen in countless Club Penguin sites was for 2011. Not for 2010! How can people be so inconsiderate and unobservant? It shows Card Jitsu Water there, making thousands of people believe that Card Jitsu Water is coming. But no.

    Did Club Penguin release a 2010 calendar like this? I don’t think so. Then why do people think that Card Jitsu Water, which was on the 2011 Calendar, is coming out in this November?

    Look at the Aunt Arctic article of this week’s newspaper. It shows Ice, not Water. Then Ice is coming, not water! Water will come next year!

    At least that’s what I think, but still. Don’t think 2011 is 2010!


  37. oh em gee, isnt a weird reason now that this has become an ally war… hmm…. ideas… ideas… oh where do they go…

  38. It’s the day I get unbanned! Too bad I can’t come. I’ve gotz ta get mai education.

  39. I have gone into self-imposed exile; I will return…someday….

  40. ok guys this is our chance to beat acp and thx to all the allies. also, will there be a promotion if we win?????????

  41. Can’t come because of Swimming lessons 😦


  42. But NO, Sorry

  43. the BPA wants to make allies with the nachos and we have declared war on acp.

  44. the BPA wants to make allies with nachos

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