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Banning cussing on chat! OH NO! =O!

                         Hola my fellow Nachos, Nacho chat has officially banned cussing, and any inappropriate stuff from chat . Oh really? =O


           (penguin told me to put that their xD)

          Ok back to the chat situation, yes we are banning cussing from chat making it child friendly. So we can hopefully gain more recruits and we won’t scare them away O_O. Although some of you might quit due to banning cussing from chat, but don’t worry because I made another chat for you people who love to cuss ^__________^. So now we hopefully will gain recruits from banning cussing, and we won’t loose any troops due to the banning of cussing, but if you’re going to be on the non-child friendly chat you must be on the child friendly chat as well. I don’t want the normal chat just to day because it banned cussing, and during an unscheduled and scheduled event it will be held in the normal chat (child friendly chat) and everyone will be banned from the non-child friendly chat during the event and then everyone will be unbanned after the event is over.

Here are the chats 

Child friendly chat:


Non-child friendly chat 


 I hope this will make us grow and not loose any troops.


16 Responses

  1. Joker i see hate mail id sudguest RUN!

  2. I think it’s a great idea 😀

  3. what the bloody hell, mk that sounds good to me.

  4. I am going to dirty chat….Lol

  5. Oh thank you! Finally a safe time to chat! Hallelujah!!!

    🙂 Thanks Joker! Itz safer for younger ppl!

  6. Good.

  7. Well, given the conditions maybe nothing good will come out of this idea at all.

    Fuck you.

  8. Hey this is a great idea I was wondering if UMA could use the same idea

    yours truly


  9. full credit to you guys of course.


  11. Great idea, I love cursing but I believe this wil help the army grow!

  12. one can argue that it can go both ways

  13. lol

  14. now you need to put it on the chat page, thanck god! iv’e been hating the swearing all the time and hiding it from my parents

  15. Hi when I click on the dirty version on chat I get a chat box. but when I go back and click the child friendly chat it gives me the same chat as the chat box when I clicked the dirty version of chat. Please help.

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