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World War For Fun (WWFF)

Edit: Read about recruiting Wednesday here

Edit:Read about the banning of cussing on chat here and here

Hello Nachos,

Since nothing good is going on, I think it would be appropriate to have a World War For Fun. If you have some mental disability and can’t assume what this is from the title, a WWFF is a fake World War. There are 2 teams, consisting with 8 armies (The top 8). This is supposed to be fun, and I will declare the winner, so don’t be pissed if you lose, or don’t call me biased. All armies must provide pictures on their website. Here are the armies invited (an owner rank must accept the invitation first, if a leader would like to withdraw, PC me on chat. Comment with your army name saying that you will be showing up) :

ACP (Accepted by Bob)

Nachos (Accepted by ME)





RFW(Accepted by Pring)

I tried to make the teams as fair as possible. Here they are:

Team NW: NW, Nachos, UMA, RFW

Each army is individually fighting, so you are not bunching up together trying to become one mass force. Fight any army from the opposite team, I could care less. This is ment to be something so we can evaluate how big these armies are. I also want to see a good old World War. Here is the rest of the information for the battle:

Who: Team ACP vs. Team NW
WHEN: Saturday, December 4th, 2010
Times: 2:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM CST, 12:00 PM MST, 11:00 AM PST, 7:00 PM GMT

I would also like to shout something out to NW and ACP. If you guys get ultra-huge, would you mind possibly splitting up into your divisions,  just so we can actually fight. Remember, this won’t affect your status of winning, because splitting into two teams is really good for your team. I’ll PC the leaders if I see this problem.

Owner ranks, remember to comment!!


31 Responses

  1. ZOMFG 1sT1..1!!!!!!!!!!!!111!

  2. the undercover cp army will be there

    Pie: I’m sorry, but only the armies listed are invited.

  3. I would come, but I can’t. Its my birthday on the 4th! Sorry!

  4. I’m TR, (Team Red) and I’d like to enter Team Red 😀

  5. i cant come because of the times and please make them earlier p.s ill be at a sleepover that day

  6. ill be there

  7. Darn I’m in Nachos and RFW, who should I side with?

  8. This would be considered more fo a tourny in a way… the teams are slightly unbalanced but it’ll work.

  9. I may be able to make it, i really hope so


    Sure, RFW’s in

  11. ….Team NW rules!

  12. Wasn’t there one of these before a while ago?

  13. I have 3 small armys that would like to be on team ACP. Could we be in?

  14. I will make it.

  15. BTW noka from ACP told me to confirm we can come

  16. just to tell you you still gotta ask ven.

  17. ill be there

  18. ACP has a battle that day. To be exact, this battle is one hour early! I feel as it’s too… back-to-back? Sorry… I willtalk to Bob first.

  19. I dont know about any battles. . . . anyways I say great idea 😀 Acp will be honored to have there own team but I will notify you if Acp does have something coming up.

  20. um y r all acp enemys wit acp and nw enemy wit nw

  21. seriously you still got to ask vendetta or tomb if it”s ok.

  22. PIe pie pie pie, IW be accepted by Icey and the owners

  23. sweat


  24. Go to the army chats that did not except it yet to approve.

  25. What If the server is full?

  26. Speaking as a RFW 2ic, with permission from Pochoma123 (RFW leader), The RFW chooses to drop out of the WWFF.

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