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Pie: Not all swears get censored. It’s ridiculous that everyone is raging because we said no more swearing. And the Nachos don’t just swear, we are obscene and look like fools. This isn’t only for the troops, it is for the overall welfare of the army.

Zayer: If you don’t like swearing, you can censor them, you can open a new window, or you can realize it’s part of life, and you’re going to hear it. Our veterans had to leave because of it? Ok, sure, when someone goes off and spams swears like crazy, that’s one thing, which was breaking the rule “no excessive” cursing. Didn’t happen again did it? Seriously, it’s a part of the nachos to have free speech, and it’s not taking care of the problem- if you dont want recruits to leave, then you should ban people when they insult recruits, not when they go “damnit”. Not to mention, while you say you don’t want recruits to leave, people constantly post pornographic content and other innapropriate pictures, videos, and say innapropriate things- all things that could drive away new recruits (jokers picture 😆 ) so i say we rethink it and vote.

Pie edit: Guys, the swearing has to end. Not only are the new recruits leaving, our veterans have had to leave because of it. If you are on chat and your parent(s) come over, you are screwed. So, swearing is off for now.

Ok, so i was debating this topic with joker, but he didn’t seem to hear what i was saying. Here is the idea of no swearing, and here’s why it will or will not work.

  • Swearing is banned on chat, when a new recruit comes on
  • Help make the chat more “kid friendly”
  • less recruits will be insulted and leave

So, those are the main ideas of banned swearing on chat. Here’s my thoughts on it…

  • If a new recruit comes on, what if we dont realize and continue swearing
  • what if a new recruit comes on, and no one listens to the rule? will you ban the whole chat?
  • even without swears, people will still insult recruits and make them want to leave.
  • many swears are made in general “what the f***, holy sh*t”  yet these will also count when new recruits are on

To give an example, in the 1920s in America, they banned alcohol, also known as prohibition. Hoping to decrease crime, accidents that occur while under the influence ect. it backfired, and crime increased over 50% in major cities, because mafias were introduced, as more and more people simply smuggled beer in, beer became a valued item in America, so people fought to sell it. Same principle applies here, we ban swearing, people simply swear when no owners are on, say insults without swearing, and ultimately cause more fighting when owners tell them to knock it off, and they aren’t breaking the rules.

Lastly, WE ARE A REPUBLIC/DEMOCRACY, ARE WE NOT? If we aren’t, then leaders please correct me. If we are, then should we not VOTE 😆 ill let the leaders figure that one out 😉


shoutout to folay- :mrgreen:

12 Responses

  1. Oh HELL no.

    You betta shoot that down before I gotta bust a cap in someones ass. No swearing? You gonna turn us into a frilly girlie tea part group now? No swearing is like saying: HEY EVERYONE! WHERE SISSY GIRLIES! COME KILL US AND TAKE OUR LAND!

  2. 1ST I VOTE

  3. We should bann swearing cause Veterans leave.

    • You are f****** stupid. That’s the reason why most of us STAY.

      Pie edit: Staying because of cursing on chat is a rediculous and stupid. If that’s the only reason why people stay around, I suggest you all leave.

      • So we’d rather be like ACP and lose things that set us apart from the other armies? What’s next, pervertedness is going away too? Might as well color us green and forget all about it.

  4. We are the suckyest democracy because when billy coup’d 50 there was no legitament vote the troops should be decideing who is the leader with a vote no what Billy thinks is right.

  5. I know we should stop recruiting, I tried to get my sister to join but she saw unspeakable stuff on chat and i got grounded, so finally the nachos r done with swearing,yay.

  6. To be honest sir I dont care about this but I guess more people would feel comfortable without swearing sir.

  7. eh. i would ban swearing. It would be nice to be on chat without having to look behind my back every ten seconds to see if anyone’s watching the messages on the screen…

  8. Yeah. It would be nice if we cut down on swearing but its part of life if you hear it you hear it.I mean its ok to swear sometimes but dont go crazy.

  9. That is so true… Good post

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