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No Mercy (It’s On)

Pie edit: Brandon is officially a retard:

Note: Wwebestfan, just because Don’t ask don’t tell passed doesn’t mean you can lead an army.

Dear DCP & Team Gold we do not accept your surrenders.  Like we said at the beginning of the war we will fight until the enemy is completely destroyed.  DCP and Team Gold aren’t armies.  There just examples of simple-minded obnoxious kids.  I don’t want to be at a meeting with all the major armies and be thinking “Oh there’s quite a few intelligent armies here Nachos, UMA, ACP, IW, etc oh wait…. here’s DCP & Team Gold.  Both armies have idiots for leaders.  It’s amazing how their leaders both have over a year of leadership experience yet negotiating with them is equivalent to negotiating with a retard.  All DCP & Team Gold do is talk s**t in the most pathetic way imaginable and they don’t expect us to return the favor?  Come on, honestly?  Were Nachos, we don’t take that BS easily so fear us!

I want to compare the Nachos stengths to DCP/Team Gold just to show who’s the better army.

Battle Attendance: Nachos: 50-60       DCP: 25    Team Gold: 25

Intelligent Leadership:  TanMan626 (Hard Working, Respected amongst the troops)  Wwebestfan (Simple-Minded, Gets frustrated easily)   Spice ( Simple-Minded, lacks creativity).

Functional: Nachos (tight hacker security, stable army, great personality for an army)  DCP (Hacked countless times due to low hacker security, Wwebestfan often acts as a dictator with his decisions)  Team Gold (Layed back army, known for being lazy).

Allies:   Nachos: Have a large alliance with the Night Warriors/UMA and a close alliance with IW.  DCP/Team Gold: Most allies will not help them in wars unless it’s toward their benefit

To the troops of Team Gold/DCP.  Do you honestly want to be in an army full of obnoxious little kids or a functional army that knows what there doing?  Think about it.  It’s a waste of time to spend your life listening to Brandon or Spice lie with his terrible grammar while going on about how he gets a boner from looking at John Cena.  We will continue attacking to the death.  If you f**k with UMA, if you f**k with the Night Warriors, or if you f**k with the Nachos then your messing with our alliance.  P****ing out of a war you started is also a stupid decision.  You can’t just surrender and think everything’s going to be great after that.  We want some kind of benefit out of teaching your armies a lesson.  This is No Mercy

Tan Edit: Says it all.. VVVVVVV

33 Responses

  1. Nice picture. Mine was better. (WARY)

  2. […] here for the new post “No […]

  3. So Billy is an idiot?

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  5. The stats say it all.

  6. EHHHHH RETARD… DCp gets 40-70 to wars. Get your facts right,fag.

    Pie edit: The only way DCP gets 40-70 is with help of the OA and/or their bots. 😐

    • Lol! DCP getting 40-70!!!!! LMAO That’s a good one! The O.A didn’t even get 70. The max you guys got were at MOST 55-60. The only ones capable of getting 70 are ACP. So keep dreaming, noob.

  7. …Jerk
    Moral of Story: Nachos are jerks.

  8. I, a newer troop, have even seen all this to be true (ie doritos beeing hacked) And about Pie’s edit: wtf? Billy is part of the Nachos so therefore Nachos own it, even if wat he said makes sense.

    • Billy isnt in nachos dipshit 😀 ( not any more at least and technically he bought the sever fjord about 3 times:D)

  9. guys umm im just asking umm whos brandon? and what army is he in???

  10. The ACP said that we hired hackers to hack ACP :[

  11. I’m not taking sides but I feel you are overusing the word “retard”. That’s a very offensive word; don’t stoop to their level.

  12. Lol, funny post 50 and DCP FAILS XD

  13. Why does DCP like to fight us?

  14. Mchappy you do you, Retard means Slow idiot….

  15. I eat chips.

  16. Adding more to a flame only makes it bigger

  17. Win.

  18. Wonderful publish, I actually count on up-dates from you.

  19. I love how Sandy’s looking at Brandon like “Bitch are you crazy?!”

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