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Battles This Weekend! [BATTLES TODAY]

~SuperBowl today~


What are you doing just staring at this website? There are battles going on!

❗ 3 Battles Today ❗


When:February 6,2011(Sunday)

Where:Snow Angel Server


3:00 P.M EST

2:00 P.M CST

1:00 P.M MST

12:00 P.M PST

8:00 P.M UK


Chat: http://xat.com/nachosarmyofcp



When: February 6,2011 (Sunday)

Where: Permafrost Server


3:30 P.M EST

2:30 P.M CST

1:30 P.M MST

12:30 P.M PST

8:30 P.M UK


Chat: http://xat.com/nachosarmyofcp



When:February 6,2011(Sunday)

Where:Ice Box Server


4:00 P.M EST

3:00 P.M CST

2:00 P.M MST

2:00 P.M PST

9:00 P.M UK


Chat: http://xat.com/nachosarmyofcp

I know this is a lot of battles Nachos but I expect us to still win them all with 30+ troops. I know its a lot of times. The easiest thing to do besides remember the times is just being on all afternoon because we will be on Club penguin all afternoon.

~Stay Cheezy


80 Responses

  1. 1st 🙂

  2. nice uniforms… well ill be there…GO PACKS XD

  3. Im gonna be on steelers8-)

  4. Can any army come? I can post this on IW site 😛

  5. So steelers and I will be there!

  6. =D

    • I have basketball, so I won’t be able to make any of the Saturday Battles except for the very last possibly. However, I should be able to make all the Sunday Battles.

  7. GO PACKS 😆


  9. Uhhh…….. STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Only cuz packers uniform sucks)

  10. GOOOOO STEELRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. just to let everyone know, me and fido are the commentators of the Nachos-Super Bowl. Deal with it.


  13. Steelers are epic unlike packers XD

  14. The only problem is that my mom likes steelers (me to) and my dad loves the packers! 😕 and i have no idea who will win but i hope stealers

  15. Steelers ftw! actually i just hate packers But this should be fun

  16. my army also owns Snow Cone. we are too small to invade DCP though. could you help us since you are already invading it?
    thanks for consideration
    p.s. I cant make most of the invasions. I have a church thing nearly all day. 😦

    Puckley: Of course. I don’t see why not. The Nachos don’t need all those servers.

  17. I can make all. PACKERS

  18. I can make all, me and Vick are commentators for Nachos =D

  19. i can make these battle: fjord,slushy,snow angel and permafrost . go nachos 😀

  20. ill be there for all of the battles and GOO STEELERS 😀

  21. I can’t make the ones on Sunday because I have to help get ready for my family’s annual Super Bowl party =D.

    Also, can Banana Army have one of the servers? You guys can choose which one.

  22. PACKERS! and i can make MOST of it.

  23. Packers will own.(Y)

  24. i wont be there for most of them sorry 😦 i might make one or two?

  25. steelers

  26. i can make the greenbay and steelers battle and the slushy battle.

  27. I can come to all of the stuff. PACKERS FTW! 😆

  28. I can come

  29. I would like to be the captain, possibly co captain for the Packers team. Just putting that out there.

  30. Umm will the battles on Sunday conflict with the Super Bowl?


  32. Wooo that’s a lot of events there. I’m pretty sure I can make them.

  33. Just mods? To put it out there… this would be a great chance to let the members lead, since this is a fun battle.

    Idc who leads the teams, as long as its NOT Edd. Seriously, that would be a nightmare.

    If I had to choose one, it would be Fido. He’s pretty hard-working and a nice guy.

  34. LOL NOT ME xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Anyways Im coming to all battles LOL

  35. BTW im hard working and small and medium army legend Becca *Smirk*

  36. Nice Header Tomb, and thanks guys for supporting meh =D

  37. I like our site. Complimets to Tomb 😉

  38. Hey sorry I haven’t been on, both my computers are broken and I’m on my iPod ATM.sorry

  39. Wow, the website is amazing Tomb. Thanks.

  40. I’ll try to come to all of them. Tomb did a great job so ty Tomb!

  41. wow….

  42. cool so nw takes over one part of dcp”s nation and nachos take the other part. 🙂 good job nachos im proud of you even though im nw.

  43. day 1 none, too late day 2 1.yes 2.yes 3.no too late

  44. I can make all those events! 😀

  45. I can’t log on to chat…can someone help me?

    Puckley: Xat is probably down I guess. It happens from time to time.

  46. I can probably make all those events.

  47. Probably coming for most of them.

  48. I can make ALL those events.
    The times for all the battles are during my free time.
    So i’ll be there!

  49. YES i realized that i can make all the SATURDAY BATTLES!!!YEAH!!!lol greenmidget6 will be at the saturday battles.

  50. l.a.w.l.z. Even tho that doesnt stand for anything this “lol” thing does. Go STEELAHS… even tho I wont be there. I was on chat a little but looks like prettymuch teh end o meh. I’ve been on and off soldier o nachos since march ’08… lots of changes… and it looks like we’re on the rise again. Dont let us fall again… may the salsa be with you


  51. awsome new site! i luv it.

  52. This is an Ambassador from Club Penguin Shadow’s Democratic Rebublic Army and We am going hep you with the BATTLE FOR FJORD. My leader is Ferrari86243 and I am the second in command. Club Penguin Shadow’s Democratic Rebublic Army’s Website is http://theclubpenguinshadows.wordpress.com/

  53. do we need help with fjord?

  54. Very nice Tan, battles related to football teams. Nice. very well organize too and I’ll probably make MOST of them.

  55. I’ll come to all BTW 😀 “NACHOS FOREVER!”

  56. hey something came up for saturday for me i have a B-day party at 1-4 so i will be there for the Slushy and Snow Cone. 😦 ill miss the steelers vs packers battle though:(

  57. I personally would like to thank tomb cuz this site looks awesome! Fun but professional lookin. Luv it

  58. I will most likely make all :D. I may be going sledding and seeing a movie with friends though. But I probably will make it 🙂

  59. well i ban myself…i fail.i didnt want to but i did.XD yeah so i will be on penguin63368542. but just remember the 633 part. it will still be greenmidget6 just on a differnt penguin. 😉

  60. Dear Nacho staff and or leader, I was looking through some old archives of the nachos posts and I found somthing that could really spice things up a bit. Although I can no longer find this certain post again I did get the sum of it. Back in october or fall 2010 50 and tom wolf created a plan call project revival. Project Revivals main objective was recreate a golden age for us and all of cp warfare. I do not remember the sequences of the project but im sure 50 can tell you.

    PS. you gotta admit I would make some damn good posts!

  61. ill try to make all of them!!!

  62. I can’t read anything on the site cuz the pics are gone! help!

  63. We need to put in a background image to get rid of tinypic

  64. I repeat i will be for all of them.

  65. hey i think i can go! t all of em

  66. i cant make any of the sunday ones. sorry. 😦

  67. I’m coming to all

  68. I’ll be to all of them.

  69. no seriously ill be on all of them

  70. I will be in all battles as I did yesterday.

  71. I will come to all

  72. I can come to all

    I’ll be there.

  73. I missed then all!

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