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Steam CP Army Group

Aka here.

I do realize this is a post that could be better used on CP Army Central, but as I am not an editor there, I will post it here.

I was thinking of starting a CP Army Group on Steam. What is steam, you ask? Steam is a large community of PC gamers who play games like Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, Counterstike: Source, and thosands more.

Steam also comes in with a built in friend’s list, so you can add people you’ve played with (or other Steam users) and chat with them whenever you like. You can make a profile page and groups, so essentially we can bring the whole CP Army community together to play games OTHER than Club Penguin, and so we can reach each other when we aren’t on XAT or doing something else. Plus, members of a group can make events that will pop up on all of the member’s screen when the time you input hits, so there would be no reason (other than being offline) for you to miss an invasion/meeting ever again.

With the help of some of my friends in the KSF, I’m sure we could make this happen, but we need people to join us. I’ll be sure to make a Nacho group first, and other armies can comment on here and I’ll get to work with their groups.

To download, click this link, then once the web page loads look in the upper right corner and click a green box that says “Install Steam.”

Once you download it, leave your steam name on here and I’ll send you an invite.


P.S: Steam is 100% free. However, if you want to buy games, you must pay money, obviously.

9 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. That’s a great idea. I would love to play TF2 on the PC with you Aka.

  3. 3rd and i wanna join. thats a good idea

    Aka-Follow the steps I laid out for you.

  4. I have steam however i use it to play the Total war games

  5. Like empire: Total war, napoleon total war, and shogun 2 total war(when it comes out goo)

  6. Monko2k. And I personally think that tf2 is a great idea, because its free.

  7. Monko2k. I think that tf2 is a good idea, because it has voice chat and its FREE

  8. Whoops… Just saw how old this post is… Too bad. I liked the idea, though.

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