War Update

Alright so there has been alot of confusion over who owns each others servers so heres what it is looking like

Underline=Allies Victory


Snowfort-First battle(Tie),Second battle(Tie),3rd battle(Tie shared 50/50)

MammothFirst battle(ACP victory), Second battle(Allies Victory)

FogFirst Battle(ACP victory)

Brumby-First Battle(Tie)

BreezeFirst Battle(Allies victory)

Alpine-First Battle(ACP victory),Second Battle(Allies Victory)

Icebound First Battle(ACP victory),Second Battle(Allies Victory)

Frozen-First Battle(ACP victory),Second Battle(Allies Victory)

Ice Age-First Battle(ACP victory),Second Battle(Allies Victory)

Grizzly-First Battle(Tie),Second battle(Allies Victory)

Tea-First Battle(Allies Victory)

Oyster-First Battle(ACP Victory),Second Battle(Allies Victory)

As you can see we have taken many servers lost back into alliance hands. ACP thinks they own 3/4 of these? “Check Again” ;).

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