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Going On

Hockey Edit: First off, tan is looking a bit suspicious with the whole story thing and not taking pictures of the conversation. Sure you can be in a hurry to protect your facebook and what not but he could’ve always come back later. Also, who would hire a hacker to protect themselves? If tan protected his facebook page from 50 how could 50 have harmed him more? Now for 50. 50 has always been one to take drastic measures to get his way so tans story is a bit more believable in that point. 50 has also rebelled in the past-but Icy is also a main part in this story. If tan wanted to defend himself from 50, couldn’t he have done it a different way than ruining 50’s life with a hacker? Icy is also trying to ruin 50 the same way 50 was going to ruin tan. If tan hired icy wouldn’t he have called off the attack already? Icy hasn’t stopped meaning that tan is either trying to ruin 50’s life or icy isn’t listening. Yet, if icy isn’t listening, couldn’t tan just fire icy and get this over with? Not to mention, both sides lack proof. Tan said out loud a text he got from 50 but who knows if he’s lying? He could just be making it up. 50 says the conversation was way different from what tan was portraying but he could also be lying. The lack of proof in these stories could keep this going on for a very long time. Unless tan can get a picture of the text then this fight will continue. ALL the troops are crying out for 50 and tan to stop this fighting- they can fight if they want, but don’t put the whole army into turmoil. BOTH STORYS ARE THEORYS UNTIL PROVED WITH PROOF. Both Tan and 50 are claiming their story is true yet both are just theory’s. Fact is, only tan and 50 know the truth. If the fight continues, the nachos may as well roll over and die. Who knows what could’ve happened? Only 50, Tan- or time will tell.

Ok Nachos, with all this slander going around, i thought i’d shed a tad of light into the situation. 50 and tan are arguing about some ensuing events that included accusations of hacking someones facebook, TONS of lying, hiring a hacker- the list continues. I’m not trying to take a side, i just don’t like someone being thrown into the dark if nothing happened. I was discussing it with some people on chat, and the funny thing we find is

1. 50 claims tan hired icy, yet has no proof except that icy doxed him and was hacking his facebook- no proof he was given an order to hack it.

2. Tan claims 50 threatened to go on tans facebook and tell all his rl friends he plays cp. he says he was too scared and angry to prnt scrn and rather was busy blocking 50 from his fb page. Yet, why not prnt scrn after blocking it?

3. They both claim the other is lying, yet neither has ANY proof to first of all back up their theory’s and YES


nor do they have proof that the other is lying-funny huh?

So the only POSSIBLY conclusion I could draw (with hockey) was that in an argument over pc in which both people were most likely throwing insults around, tan got the misconception that 50 was attempting to hack his facebook. He called on a hacker for defense (which is fine, many of us would do the same) and in a 2nd mis-understanding, icy took that as a sign to get rid of 50. 50 thought tan gave the order to get rid of 50 and thus closed his account and accused tan of trying to hack him. Whether any of the events that both claim are true, we will never know because neither of them took any pictures, have any factual evidence etc.

Let’s be real here- can we honestly stop trying to turn this into a whose right and wrong contest, and simply GO BACK TO WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO- FIGHTING CP WARS? I know this sounds ignorant and stupid and that both of you want the other punished or something along those lines, but realistically, neither will admit what really happened, so it’s either someone comes up with the truth or we call it a draw and GET ON WITH OUR STUPID CP LIVES 😆 I’m just an advisor, and right now I ADVISE you stop getting the army off track with fighting and get back to kicking some ass. We have some important events coming up (posted here) Fighting seems to be the first step to splitting and falling all the time so honestly, cut it out.


Btw if any owners have comments or ideas on this argument (discluding 50 and tan because I dont want biased opinions on here) then please feel free to leave an edit at the top.

17 Responses

  1. Let’s just move on for the sake of this army.

  2. lol………..

  3. lets have tan or 50 make a post saying sorry to each other. IF THEY DONT WELL HAVE TO RASLE EM…lol jk but we should forcus on the upcomming events rather than fighting about this crap.

  4. Get rid of them both.

  5. Lol, this is such failure. Just let Puck continue leading… I also think Joker should be leader. Tan should be allowed back when this ends.

  6. Hockey I dont believe the army will die because of 2 owners arguing, if necessary, we might just remove them so that way we can continue our cp warfare life, and 50 and tan can dontinue their rediculous feud elsewhere. Also we could just make another, or go to another nacho chat room and not tell tan or 50 til they’ve stopped

  7. to anyone who is trollin and what not about the whole thing of cut it out and get back to fighting, that’s kinda my whole last paragraph :mrgreen: kthxbai

  8. In either’s situation, i wouldnt have thought to take pics either. If ur fighting, defending FB or whateva and all the other happenens, why the hell would you start takin pics? Neither thought it would turn in to this

  9. Can’t People just work things out lol? This is a little weird.

  10. another reason i dont want a facebook. if you like facebook you like justin bieber.




  14. Look, Tan, 50, if you are reading this (which you probably are!) then seriously! You guys were awesome friends but then somone threatened someone and then said they may hack them so the other tried to hack them back and.. well… put it this way. I told my friend at school about this and when she finally worked out what the storyline was she said exactly this
    ‘ Ok, seriously. Why are we wasting our time talking about 2 guys fighting for no reason? It is stupid and could let the thingy army (she meant nacho army) down and everything. Tell them to just SHUT UP and move on for Gods sake!!!’ and she is an outsider. She dosn’t even go on CP! So, ther you go. Everyone said you should just call a Truce or quit the army. Simple!!!

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