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Small vs Large PB / Invasion of Fjord


 ❗ Read about or join the Mammoth Pact HERE ❗




Okay first about this event I would like to say this is NOT war this is just 1 fun battle that will be similar to the other. I and I am sure many others ask all small armies just to come to this battle. Many of you think you have no chance but that is wrong this battle is set to be dead even. There are many medium armies(LT,GT,RPF etc..) that are capable of getting 20-25 plus the other armies getting between 5-15. While ACP Nachos and IW combined get 150 at most. So with about 41235435245 small armies getting between 5-25 and 3 armies getting 150 combined(just a guess) this battle is set to be very close. So I ask that all small and medium armies please attend this battle.




When: Saturday, April 16[2011]

Server: Outback Server


10 AM – 6 PM EST(Eastern USA/Canada)

9 AM – 5 PM CST(Central USA/Canada)

8 AM – 4 PM MST(Mountain USA/Canada)

7 AM – 3 PM PST(Western USA/Canada)

3 PM – 11 PM GMT(United Kingdom/BST)

(As you see this battle is basically all day Saturday and I tried ranging the times to where every region gets equal time battling.)

Reward:100 Nachos Chips for every hour you attend the battle(800 if you make the whole thing)





We will be invading the server Fjord from all armies that “own” the server. So any small/med/large armies that “own” Fjord come battle us for it or lose it.


When: Sunday, April 17[2011]

Server: Fjord Server


4 EST(Eastern USA/Canada)

3 CST(Central USA/Canada)

2 MST(Mountain USA/Canada)

1 PST(Western USA/Canada)

9 PM GMT(United Kingdom/BST)

Reward:150 Nacho Chips


These are two BIG battle Nachos be there!

~Stay Cheezy


P.S: We will be recruiting everyday at 6:30 EST,5:30 CST,4:30 MST,3:30 PST,11:30 UK

46 Responses

  1. Can’t go 0% i can even go…..

  2. On Saturday I will be there but will be leaving at certain parts to do other stuff and be back on. I’ll also be there on Sunday.

  3. Tan did all the small armies agree?

  4. I should be able to be there.

  5. i will be there

  6. I’ll make it 😀 😀 😀

  7. Tan wtf its like 3pm to 11pm what the hell i can probably still come to half of it. but i’ll try my BEST to wake up at 3 pm

  8. I can make it but, dont we own Fjord?

  9. I can only make the Fjord event

  10. I should be there!

  11. I have no reason to miss it.

  12. ill make the saturday one but i wont make the sunday one. i got church.

  13. i should be able to make both

  14. I can make all of them but why is the Saturday battle so long.

  15. I will be there.


  17. ill make it

  18. I can’t make either I’m goin on vacation

  19. ill do my best to come this time for sure

  20. All the small and medium armies have events at this time do you ever look at smac or cpae. -.-

  21. Uh u know that when IFA says they own Fjord its for Small and Medium not Large Tan -.-

  22. and GD owns Fjord u be battling on our capital LOL

  23. I’m pretty sure i can make Saturday…
    If not something REALLY important was going on…
    Not that this isnt important…

    Queen Ice12 over and out.

  24. alright 950 ncs here i come!

  25. Great idea, I love it (and you ;)). But the times will mess things up; it’s best to have it all at once, otherwise we’ll never see either side at full strength.

  26. Well I should be able to make the Small Armies v. Large but I might have a soccer game thrown into the mix, but other than that I should make it.

  27. Yay! This will be fun! I own a Medium army and they can come. 😉

  28. why are we working with acp

  29. I am the owner of a small army and i want an alliance with you guys, not war. please respond on my website

  30. hey tan my army ICP will be there.Now it is reaally small!Though some might show up or just me !!

  31. Cant come saturday but i can sunday

  32. I could probably make the whole thing. 😉

  33. Tanman626, You are an Amazing leader and enspired me to make my own. I really appreciate you leading the Nachos.

  34. I can be there most of Saturday and Sunday

  35. sorry fello nachos but i am going to be on the side because i am owner of the bravo command force

  36. nachos go on mammoth with acp for help swat are killing cp penguins

  37. I am coming. For sure. Both battles. And sorry I was inactive for a period of time(it was because I was temporarily banned from chat, and i didn’t know how long)

  38. It’s already time for battle, but nobody’s coming.

  39. ha ha ha!! This is ACP Sergeant Darkrai44779, with his fifty attack troops!! I have just hunted down and destroyed an army called rookie’s army. I just wanna say ACP Has found out of tommorow’s battle!

  40. the battle isready

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