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My Retirement Post

Tan Edit: I love you 😦

Hello Nachos, you probably read the title. Yes i am retiring. I have had some great times in the Nachos Army but it is my time to retire. There are a few Main Reason i am retiring from the Nachos:

1.(I demoted myself) I am a Private now and everyone seems to disrespect me. When i was owner it seemed like everyone respected me. It seemed to feel pretty good. I know i made it threw about 4 months of getting kicked by Alessa. But i got pretty sick of that in a hurry. Then when i got mod. The members respected me a little more than before but other people still did not like me. To tell the truth i really did not care then. I just loved the Nachos Army. I got owner and almost everyone respected me lots and welcomed me to the Chat Group. But once i demoted myself back to the Lowest member rank (Private), it was like i wasn’t respected again.

2.  I joined the Nachos in late 10. I didn’t think i would retire the nachos this soon. But i am. I will still come to some events and be on the nachos chat. But i will not be in the Nachos Army officially.I know for a fact that people will be happy that i am retiring but i am not the happiest right now. I hope you guys understand why i am retiring. Here are some of my friends, Enemies.

Ads354: Cool guy pleasure to work under his leadership.

Tanman626: Cool guy, we have always been friends.

Puckley: Nice guy.

Fido: One of the 3. One of my Best friends in the Nachos Army.

Ioioluk3: my Best Friend in Army History.

Jboy: One of the 3. One of my best friends in the Nachos.

Rainbow: Keep on Rockin in the Nachos. You will get in the top in anytime.

Alessa: Well We are not really Close Friends. But we have out history.

Carly: Nice girl, i hope you don’t retire soon.

Lynn: One of the Coolest girls in the Army.

Hades: Pretty cool guy. Sometimes can be a jerk.

Nachos: You got some good leaders. Don’t fall apart on me now. I hope you guys go far without me and never back down to a fight. Get back into the golden age. I will miss you All.



20 Responses

  1. Goodbye Nachos. I hope you go far.


  2. ill miss u buddy u were always there for me wish u luck

  3. Sad to see you go Edd. You had great potential.

  4. I forgot about Matt. Matt you were a great friend. And a perv. I loved that….

  5. Bye Eddy, Bud…


  7. why!?!?!

  8. Sad to see you go even though I just joined a few weeks. In those weeks I’ve grown confident in you, and it’s hard for me and many other nachos see you go. I can’t bring out any more of this corny speech, because it is so friggn’ corny.

  9. I love ya also fuck i didnt get your rank damn you hades

  10. Thx edd you dont mention me in it

  11. Noooooo Eddy don’t retire! We’ll mis you. 😥

  12. see you eddy i didnt really know you but you said you doxed me *D*

  13. eddy plz plz dont go

  14. bye edd

  15. Bye edd

  16. Bye Edd ily but where am I :O

  17. no eddy I STILL respect you and also i think you forgot my name 🙂

  18. See ya Edd! You always was fair

  19. kthxbai

  20. bye edd I never knew you that well but bye

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