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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Blizzard Server

Sunday, Oct 9th 2011

Times: 8 P.M. EST 7 P.M. CST 6 P.M. MST 5 P.M. PST, 1 AM GMT

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❗ Sunday ❗

Chat Raiding Event

Sunday, Oct 9th 2011

On http://xat.com/nachoarmy

Times: 9 PM est, 8 PM CST, 7 PM MST, 6 PM PST, 2 PM GMT

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Comment if you can make these events. :D

26 Responses

  1. WOW ALOT OF EVENTS! I can come to all!

  2. 2nd i can come to most

  3. Woah.. I can actually make them ALL!

  4. I can only come to one sorry

  5. Sorry, but I won’t go to 3 events, The Chat raiding, the Sunday events and the Wednesday event. But I have 50/50 chance of coming to the rest.

  6. I’ll definitely make the Wednesday recruiting and maybe a Saturday event or two.

  7. I can make all but one I think, well we just have to see. 😉

  8. I can all make the UK friendly ones :/

  9. I’ll be at all

  10. I can make all of this

  11. I can come to the Tag-Team PB, the Tourny Battle, and both of the weekend Recruitings–most likely the Chat Raid as well. I will most likely not, however, be able to make the Wednesday recruiting.


    ~Major General Retsphe

  12. I hope to make them all

  13. I will miss them all.

  14. My retirement. (Kinda?)

    Today is the day I officially retire from the Nacho Army of Club Penguin. I’ve enjoyed my time here (Well most of it…) The main reason I’m retiring is I hardly have any time to come to events and stay active with tons of homework on my shoulders. The other reason is that there really is no point staying here since It’s unlikely that I’m gonna get leader or atleast 3ic. (Thanks to Person, I don’t wanna wait another 3 years)

    Well heres how I ended up here…

    I was on Club penguin and I was luckily on the server Mammoth, It was around March 2010. If I never went on Mammoth that day I wouldnt’ve known about Cp warfare. I decided to check out the Forts and there I saw, a green blob (named ACP of course..) and SWAT. They were battling it out and were practically at eachothers throats. I decided to join in and joined the SWAT as I thought they were cool with there weird uniform.

    I stayed there for about 30 minutes when something particular caught my eye. A small band of Orange penguins with Sombreros in the middle of this so called battle attacking the ACP. I thought they were ”cooler” then SWAT so I ammedietly joined.

    The people in the small band were Ktonboy98, Boofa15 (Rouge) Soccer Muco and Joker 1 0 1 (not this Joker) I became fast friends with all of them and stayed with them for about 3-5 months, by then It was August, I logged onto mammoth as they had told me to meet up for a battle.

    I noticed that It wasn’t just us, there were a ton of other Nachos. That’s when I decided to search ”Nachos of CP” on google and see what came up, thanks to them they had lead me to this website that I am typing this comment up today. I looked around the site but didn’t find the Join page (Odd..) I went on to chat and people asked me how old I was, I replied saying I was 9, they told me to leave and I got guested as It was horny hour, of course which was like every minute then.

    I checked the site regulary and found out that I was going to fight in my first real battle, the CPAC legend thingy which was against the Watex Warriors. The battle was so fun, I remember farting or whatever on the remaining Watex Warriors who stayed in the town with my friend, Soccer Muco.

    So yeah that’s how I joined and stuff like that. I remained loyal to the Nacho Army empire but today is the day I leave the CP army world. Now to what everyones looking forward to (I have no idea why) is the thank-you list. Well here it goes.. It’s quite long so I split it up by Army by Army.


    Soccer Muco- Great friend, what the hell happend to you? I miss you alot.

    Snowy- Forgot the numbers in your name lol 😛 you helped me alot and I wouldn’t come as far as I came if it wasn’t without you.

    Ktonboy98, Boofa15 and Joker 1 0 1- I remember when we had fun, I wouldn’t be here if It wasn’t without you guys.

    J boy 5- I remeber the day we became friends, also, what ever happend to you, I miss you I hope you will come on Mario Kart 😥

    Edd- Umm… errr you were alright untill you turned into a perv :/

    Crazy Bule- Alot of people thought you were un-useful and noobish, just ignore them (Even though your retired) Thanks for all your support.

    Chrisi Blule- Greatest friend along with J boy, had alot of fun talking to you in pc lol, I’ll still text you and stuff (:

    Harry Joe- You deserve to be promoted, your very loyal and have every quality what all Nachos should have, thanks for your support.

    Tan- You were the last leader along with Joker and Puck that i had my fun times in, I’ll miss you alot.

    Puck- Lemons! I miss you, I wish you would read this, you were the kindest and one of the greatest leaders I have ever seen, Thanks.

    Joker- You were cool a little pervy at times but still cool :D.

    Pie- You were the first leader I ever met, I enjoyed being under your command, thanks.

    Baseball- Your very loyal, just like Harry, stay active!

    Pwn- You helped me become what I was. Thanks for everything you did for me.

    Spiff- I owe you my career, you gave me the chance to be what I was. You gave me your rank, and belived in me, thanks so much.

    Agent Cool Y- You were funny lol, what happend to you??

    Gares- You are great fun to talk to, MOO!


    Olympus104- Probally one of the only decent guys in ACP, I had fun talking with you and Everton, thanks.

    Fox- I never knew you that well, but when we did talk, you were a good friend.

    Ice Warriors:

    Everton- Everton! 😀 I remember when me, you and Olympus used to talk and stuff, thanks for all the days and powers etc. Thanks for everything I owe you one.

    Mason- I remember annoying you lol.


    Coolster144- Great friend/leader, good luck in whatever army your in now.

    Shad/Fadsa- We had great times talking on chat, I’ll miss you!

    Suzy- I remember talking to you and Shad lol, good times!

    Elitesof- Amazing leader, good luck in life.

    Momo- Cool guy! Keep FGR rising for me!


    Glace- Great friend, I couldn’t ask for a better you. I remember the days when we were both noobs :p

    Wgfv- Good luck in life, you were pretty funny, I doubt you remember me.

    Notru- You were my dad lol, It was fun talking to you.

    Watex Warriors:

    Fluffyboy 3- You were a great person and a good friend, thanks.

    Gambler- We never talked much, but you were a good leader.

    Well I think that’s It, I’m extremely sorry if I have missed out your name, but I’ll remember all of you from my heart. Well for the last time,


    I came as a no one, but I leave as a somone.

    Fido has left the building!

    • Wait, I forgot some other people, I feel I must thank. Please add it on.


      Khimo- You were a great leader who stuck up for me, thanks. Good luck with DW.

      Supperz- You, sir, are a legend, your an amazing leader, aswell as a friend, thanks.

      And my last wish is that no one starts begging me to come back because I won’t, I might comeback later but please do not ask.

      Thanks for your co-operation. All rights reserved. Terms & Conditions apply. Please contact 999/911 if you want to contact me.


  15. I’m coming to all.

  16. I’ll go.

  17. ill be at everything but recruting

  18. Good times for NZ. Yep, I should definitely be able to come.

  19. I can come to the one at 2:00pm GMT, but not the one at 1:00am GMT.

  20. I can definitely make them both

  21. cant make to the ones today

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