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Some events/1000 xat and 20 day contest

Being since I feel we have been a bit lazy about going on Club Penguin, I think we should get on and have a few more events than we normally do from now on. I will make sure that we have atleast 3 events per week, not including unsheduled events. It’s not that hard to get a promotion when there is more events, being since you have more chances to make them. Showing up to all the events is a good thing, too. You will be truely helping the army if you make all of our events and make as many as you can. I know everyone can’t make every event, but try your best to make atleast 3/4 of the events we have each month. It’s not that much, and we will also be having some more fun events. We will have atleast 2 fun events per week. We will also be having a contest this week. The contest will be for the best short story, it will also be put on the story pages, along with the 2 other best ones. Anyone who is an active member of the army can be in this. You will have until the 10th to comment your short story onto this post, don’t make it too long. Events will be below in the read more section

Recruiting 1


Date: Oct 5th 2011

Times: 8 P.M. EST 7 P.M. CST 6 P.M. MST 5 P.M. PST, 1 AM GMT

Recruiting 2


Oct 6th 2011

Times: 8 P.M. EST 7 P.M. CST 6 P.M. MST 5 P.M. PST, 1 AM GMT 

Recruiting 3


Oct 7th 2011

Times: 8 P.M. EST 7 P.M. CST 6 P.M. MST 5 P.M. PST, 1 AM GMT 

Chat Raiding Event

Oct 7th 2011

Times: 9 PM est, 8 PM CST, 7 PM MST, 6 PM PST, 2 PM GMT

Comment if you can make these events. 😀

12 Responses

  1. I will try, aswell.

  2. Coming to all of them.

  3. […] Read the full post by clicking HERE […]

  4. I can make the Oct. 7th events, but possibly not the others.

    Anyway, I’m bored, so I’ll try my hand @ the short story thing. But I’m not gonna say anything about who the characters are, so it’ll just be a bunch of “he” and “she.” I’m making it kind of angsty because dramatic stories always win contests. xD

    By My Mom :3

    Lightning flashed overhead, illuminating the dreary world for about a fraction of a second. He trudged down the path to his home, shoulders slumped. The dirt road was muddy and slick from the pouring rain, which had also drenched the boy and soaked the clothing he had worn.

    His flashlight was quite noticeably getting dimmer by the minute as he stalked through the inky blackness of nighttime. He forced himself to push his nagging thoughts towards the back of his mind, but the questions he had attempted to avoid did not give up easily.

    Why had he been so blunt? Quite frankly, he didn’t know; perhaps it was a matter of pride, perhaps something more.

    How had his annoyance changed to rage so swiftly? He didn’t know that, either.

    The question that had been nagging him the most that day replayed over and over in his mind. Why had she even cared?

    The harsh, brutal wind howled and shoved against the boy, causing him to stomp even faster to his home to escape it. He halted for a moment as the rain splashed against his scalp and attacked his shoulders, but he barely even noticed. Why had she cared? He mentally–and metaphorically–turned the question over and over, examining it from all angles.

    She had considered him her friend; she had told him that not too long ago.

    Yet, she had always insulted him and turned him down with biting words and a fierce facial expression.

    She had listened to him whenever he had a problem or concern, and had in turn taken the opportunity to spill her own feelings to him.

    Yet, she had firmly chosen to ignore him and disrespect his wish to remain silent.

    Yes, she had done all these things, but was it fair for her? She had always gotten an answer before, but why not now, when anxiety had finally struck like lightning? Should he answer her?

    “No,” the boy decided aloud, “she wouldn’t understand anyway.” Dissatisfied, he continued on the walk to his home as the rain began to let up, the dark clouds seeming to disintegrate into the biting wind.

    A pair of curious brown eyes watched him leave from the foliage.

    She turned and fled.


    title: TWILEITE


  6. There was a man named Talbillads who lived in the garbage can behind Carly’s house. Talbillads wanted to impress Carly with his sexy homeless clothes. He walked to her front door and ran her doorbell.

    “Hmm. Her doorbell looks like a penis.” Talbillads thought.

    She answered and sighed. “Oh, another homeless man.” she said softly.

    And she slammed the door shut. Talbillads realized what he did wrong. He didn’t do his Justin Bieber hairflip of course…

    He ran the doorbell again and did his hairflip when she answered.

    “OMG WHAT A HOTTTIEEEE” Carly shrieked as she welcomed Talbillads into her home. Talbillads scratched his head. Lice and banana pieces fell out. Carly dragged Talbillads to her room.

    “Ugh, you smell.” “Take a shower then come back onto my bed.” Carly said. He did just that. When he stepped into the bathroom he immediatlly started grabbing all of her stuff. He would finally be rich. “What are these…?” Talbillads wondered as he looked at the box labled “Tampons.” “Oh well. I might use them some day I guess.” he shuffled the tampons into his wrinkled bag with holes.

    He ran out of the house as fast as he could. He ran into a huge van labled “free sex here.” Talbillads did not know what sex was. But he knew what free means.

    “I should have gone to college.” Tabillads cried. I’ll take anything that’s free.

    Talbillads walked over to the van. “Will you give me free sex?” he asked the woman.

    The woman looked confused. She told Talbillads she wanted some real men.

    “Alright, fine. Get in the back” the woman said. “You uh…got protection?” she asked.

    “Well, I guess.” he said. “I have a bike helmet”

    So they did it. And that’s how Talbillads met his wife-that-doesn’t-love-him-but-had-to-marry-him-because-they-weren’t-protected-and-she-got-pregnant.

    The end.

    ~Dash. xD

  7. Hello, it’s Harry Joe my story is about a skateboarding dog and Puckley.

    Puckley was at home watching Dora the explore! When his older brother came in and said ” Turn the skateboarding channel on” So he did.

    What did they see on the skateboarding channel? A dancing frog? No! They saw a skateboarding dog! Puckley had never road a skateboard in his life and thought he would be smart and do what the skateboarding dog did.

    So, he went down to a skatepark and Said to some guys ” I’m a pro skater.”

    So some guys when ” Do a Ollie then.” Puckley had no idea what a Ollie was he just jumped on the skateboard and fell off and cried like a ambulance.

    Puckley still thought that he was good like the dog so he went to the skatepark again. He could not believe his eyes the dog was there. Puckley asked for the dogs autograph but the dog skated past him and knocked him over.

    Puckley STILL thought he was good so he went to this MASSIVE half pipe and wanted to do a 360 in front of 400 people! So he tried, fell off. Broke every bone in his body. But not his thumbs. And Thats why Puckley retired from the nachos.

    By Harry Joe

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