Hey guys,

Today I will attempt to re-make the medals page. I know this has failed before, but with some persistance it should pay off. There are a few goals of medals. One is that it lets you (the soldier) look at your progress and what you can improve in. If you have a low number of medals, you should look towards becoming more active. The other goal is that it gives your more of a chance to get promoted. The more medals you have, the bigger chance you have of getting a promotion. No, you don’t need a certain number of medals to get promoted, but if you have more the chance is higher.

This is an example of how medals will work: If you go to an event, you get a certain number of medals. After the event, there will be a post with the results of the event. You must comment on the post to get medals. This shows the leaders that you indeed do look at the website and comment on posts. This will also help get our hits back up. So you must comment on the results post to get medals.

Also, not everyone will be on the medals page at first. Once you attend an event, I will add you.

Comment on this post to get a medal!


19 Responses

  1. Try your best to not spam and actually comment on this post. 😐


  3. Go Nachos Nachos will OWN ACP aka Noobs!

  4. Mark my words, this will fail like the 52345234 times attempted before it.

  5. I will be as active as always, get medals, and have fun! (Not in a n00by way (wary).)

  6. zomg the medals

  7. Medal me.

  8. WOOT Medal’s

  9. commentation!

  10. medal me mate

  11. Can’t wait to see the page! Medals!


  13. Commented! I haz 4 medals right now, 3 from zee battle and 1 here

  14. Lulz this will really fail…like the last 1,000 times we tried to bring them back..

  15. I commented, medal here i come! xD

  16. Platnuimgold private the medal page needs a little work I mean big work of updating

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