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The Way Around ACP

Hello Nachos,

It’s your old pal Pie here explaining ACP’s common strategy for big battles like these. I understand we lost the other day, but we come up big in situations like these, and I am confident we can come up big on Saturday. This is why we’re an army, right? To win battles, wars, and tournaments. So we need to look over what we’re most likely going to see Saturday versus the Army of Club Penguin.

After we win, we’re going to have some really exciting events planned for our army. We’re going to have a party celebrating our victory, practice battles, and maybe a war (if anyone even wants to mess with us after we win :lol:).

The ACP have been our rivals for what seems like forever. We’ve faced them in countless wars, tournaments, and practice battles. From what I’ve seen, ACP’s numbers have been slowly declining, while I believe that we have been rising after our leadership changes. ACP will probably get anywhere from 25-45, so we need to be prepared for some big numbers against our superior tactics.


ACP tactics


ACP’s tactics usually consist of:

The Clover Bomb

The Joke Bomb

The "Awesome" Bomb

Those are a few of the tactics ACP can use. They may also throw in a few fart bombs, ACP bombs, and flower (lolwut) bombs in there. As you know, our tactics are obviously superior so we should be able to “cancel” their tactics out easily.


Some Tactics and Tips


Over the years our tactics have evolved into what they are today. Most of the troops know all of our tactics, so this should just be a review. This is the bulk of our tactics:


E+9 = War (mad) Faces

E+D Sun Bombs

E+6 Tounge Bomb

E+M Money Bomb

E+Z Pizza Bomb

E+P Puffle bomb


Joke Bombs

“NACHO” chant

“DOOM” bomb

“Cat tank is not amused” bomb

“All your base are belong to us” bomb

“May the salsa be with you!” bomb

… and many more.

Here are some tips that you need to know for the battle:

1. Listen to your leader (Ads, Billy or Danny) at ALL TIMES. Here is what they look like!

2. Always be active on CP. If we aren’t doing anything, or in-between tactics, throw snowballs at the enemy or recruit some troops watching us battle it out.

3. Don’t stand on top of each other. Be shoulder to shoulder, or sombrero to sombrero.

4. If we do a bomb, don’t do it just once. Copy and paste it or rapidly press the two buttons on your keyboard so we look efficient. Saying “MAY THE SALSA BE WITH YOU” just once isn’t efficient enough.

5. DON’T LET ACP GET TO YOUR HEAD. If they have big numbers, so what? 50 ACP = 30 Nachos. We can dominate them with tactics, so why not do so?

6. Get to the forest fast. If we get locked out we’re instantly screwed. 😐

7. UNIFORMS: Wear something red or orange. Say stuff that will attract recruits like “JOIN THE NACHOS! TURN ORANGE FOR HALLOWEEN!” ACP is basically anything green, so fire at green people at all times.

8. Take advantage of the Plaza. The Plaza is a better for recruiting than the Cove, so I suggest getting on an hour or 45 minutes early.

Good luck at the battle Saturday, I’ll try to be there.


25 Responses

  1. Like a boss.

  2. big black clock.
    acp is gay lol

  3. How long will the battle be on untill?

  4. Rawr

  5. Noice.

  6. There’s a chance for us in winning, if almost every troop goes with us, and if ACP aren’t in the mood on that day, we can win this Nachos, we can!

  7. […] Check out some battle tips to beat the ACP by clicking HERE […]

  8. If we get on an hour early, many people will get bored and leave. Random CP noobs aren’t likely to stay for more than a half hour to forty five minutes, so I would say log on 30 minutes early.

  9. yea, we MUST get there at like 30-15 minuts before so we can have our trained soldiers and a noob squadron! (XD)

  10. ACP does like acp bomb clover bomb sick faces bomb we have SO much better tactics

  11. Guys we better not lose to ACP for the 15th time ok? Actually we gonna lose again to ACP 😦 *hangs himself*

  12. Niga425 ur right *puts gun at head* 😦

  13. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the info,sod&pie. I wrote all facts down that I could so that i don’t forget


  16. lol

  17. you do that

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