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ACP and their propaganda.

Viva la propaganda.

ACP is an army that chooses to consider this world of warfare to be much alike to the real world, and so begins the first moral of this post.

Club Penguin Armies will never suffice to your daily lives. Yes, they are great, they are fun, you will meet some amazing people here, that you would not have had the chance to in your real life. But due to ACP’s policy of ACP being more important than real life, you have many of their troops doing things like, skipping school to come to events. I am glad that [as far as I know] none of our troops skip school to come to events, and yet we’re still winning this war, that just goes to show that our troops are more numerous, and have a better personality, our troops are less likely to bitch about things, unlike the ACP’s. It’s safe to say that the Nachos’ troops have the greatest personality’s of all armies, and the most diverse. So what was the point of that;

Short Summary 

Real life first then armies= Happy people = Happy troops = better troops = Awesome active army.   <<<Thats the Nachos

Armies first then real life = Depressed people = Depressed troops = Worse troops = Falling army.       <<<Thats the ACP


Anyway, back to the main point of this post, so in the real world there’s this thing called “propaganda”. Propaganda is using the media to influence peoples opinions, it really is everywhere, just take a look, it’s used everywhere. Here’s an example;

Or look at this anti-communist propaganda created in the 40’s

But when does ACP use their propaganda?

Well they use it everyday, I simply went on to a recent post and found propaganda quite easily. If you read an ACP post wrote by Kingfunks the whole post is jam packed with propaganda, even in the fist line.

Another Amazing event ACP as we show off our amazing European troops

In case they hadn’t realised they had lost that event, and yet they seem to boast about their “great” size, and unfortunately the type of troops that the ACP has, makes them gullible enough to be sucked into it. They are happy to believe everything that their incompetent higher ranks say, they do not make decisions for themselves. ACP is what we call a totalitarian dictatorship, when the leaders of the country (or in this case army) control every aspect of their peoples lives. This kind of government is what was used in the Soviet Union (Russia) during Stalin’s leadership, and what is currently happening in North Korea. During Stalin’s leadership a “cult of Stalin” emerged, in which the people of the Soviet Union worshipped Stalin like a god. Very alike to ACP’s troops, effectively worshiping Flipper and Kenneth, or in more mild terms, sucking up to them. Another feature of a totalitarian dictatorship is the censorship of media, in case you haven’t noticed, on ACP’s site, much of their pictures of events is when the Nachos are either in different rooms, or about to go into another room, this selective imagery is to fool their troops into thinking they won the event.

Of course the biggest and most controversial source of propaganda around here is CPAC… or more namely, Kingfunks. Let us not go into the details, but should an ACP 4ic (is it?) be posting about an ACP-Nachos-LT war on an “unbiased” site? Mchappy, ACP 2ic, also posted about this war on ACP, or at least note directly, but in essence he was posting pro-ACP propaganda (I must admit however, Mch it was a good post :D).

An excellent example of ACP’s propaganda outside of this war, is the ACP-GT war that occurred awhile ago. In this war the ACP used to propaganda to affectivel win a war that they were about tying in. They forced GT’s leader, Rioters to retire, by spreading a rumor that was obviously fake, was believed by so many. And alike to human nature, the truth was twisted. Before long ACP’s lower ranking troops came to their  conclusion that Rioters was an evil person who hacked small army sites for fun. Even ACP’s claims of what Rioters was doing weren’t as bad at that. They’re claims was that Rioters had doxed, and released information about a small (or was it medium?) army leader, despite their being insufficient evidence, and that Rioters pleaded that he was innocent.

The image bellow is an ACP troop (who is a friend of mine) that took the ACP post for the truth.

(Click on the image to view)

And that my friends concludes my post that sums up the ACP’s use of propaganda, fairly well, even though I could have easily wrote another thousand or so words about this.

I am most sorry for writing the kind of thing that you’d see on CPAC  SMAC, CPAE, CPUN or any other unbiased news site, but I really had to make this post. Of course I could be considered a hypocrite, considering this post is propaganda, in the sense that I am trying to change your views, however, throughout this post I have stuck with the facts, and told you the truth, to my own knowledge.

~Chrisi Blule

Nacho Leader 

30 Responses

  1. Wrong. ACP looks up to Oagal as a god. One of Ken’s title post was “Oh My Oagal” Lmao, wtf? But good post

  2. strange this post just appeared as soon as nachos tried to invade ACP, eh?

  3. Um mchappy is a WW co leader there for with the merge the evil acp co leader mchappy is in the nachos :(, but also gossiping about acp is not going to help, yes it probobly is true but still it’s a sin

    • Erm, not to be offensive or anything but I really don’t care if “gossiping” is a sin. And I don’t gossip, I speak the truth, gossiping tends to twist the truth.

  4. Hey Chrisi, if you want to talk to someone who has dealt with ACP-GT war propaganda, I am da man cause I was a target to them. Good post, and ACP also stole our high ranking troops with bribes and what-not also thanks to the ACP-GT war

    • If I had know that I would have added it in, thanks for the information 😉 I’ll probably end up making a similar post in the future sometime.

  5. Nice post chrisi.

  6. >Make post about ACP using propaganda
    >Fill it with your own propaganda
    >This is why all armies suck now

  7. P.S. Why do all my comments automatically go to moderation?

  8. It seems Chrisi is responding to everyone’s comments. RESPOND TO THIS!!!!

  9. Not bothered….

  10. I would never think that armies would go this far 0-0

  11. […] Edit: I suggest reading another post, a bit like this, only better, >here< […]

  12. Great post chrisi

  13. Reblogged this on The Nacho Army of Club Penguin™.

  14. very nice post, i don’t know if you remember, but 1 month ago, some ACP troops impersonated me, rob and Scargo(LT leaders) and said that we “hack and dox small and medium armies”. Then ACP posted pictures of fake LT leadership saying those things and asked :
    “Do you really want to be in an army that hacks and gives out personal information?”
    Soon after they impersonated us against and this time they said we will attack IW and Nachos after we’re done with ACP. They wanted you guys and IW to help them because they were losing the war. Ken posted those pics on ACP site and asked :
    “Those are LT’s evil plans, we must stop them”

    this is exactly what is wrong with ACP, and it’s sad that all the people in that army believe everything their corrupt leadership tells them.

    • Soon after they impersonated us again*

      • I know right ioio? And they get pissed off when we do something like that. When I tell some ACP troop about tis, they go like “That wasn’t a fake” (The leaders) and the mods go like ” That was the past, live in the present”. Man those gay sore loosers.

  15. All armies use propaganda. What is crazy is that Nachos are using a propaganda to make a Nacho propaganda by bullshitting on a propganda. Without propaganda, CPA’s wouldn’t be the same. Moslty all armies use propaganda.
    This post is an example of a propaganda, actually, this is the first post I ever saw what was making a propaganda by pissing on a propaganda. That wasn’t even a propaganda what ACP made, it was a post saying that ACP’s European soldiers did a god job.
    Wow, propaganda.

  16. Visiting the old post. Good times.

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