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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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Invasions and Defenses

➡ Owners: Molly has been fired from the Nachos.

➡  Edd Edit: Tan, you’re not the only one who gets an arrow. 


King: Edd, I just corrected you aswell.

Edd Edit: Dash, I just corrected about two of your grammar problems. You’re welcome.

Dash Edit: Good luck nachos! I know you will do good. By the way Edd, try not to have so much bad grammar in a post. :3 I edited about 7 grammar problems. You’re welcome.

Well to make up for King’s post, I’m going to add all of the events this week in it! Everyone should be here. For everyone on chat, you can’t be AFK, or not on CP during any of these events. We’ll be showing S.W.A.T. our true power. Not only for the servers, but this will help us lots in the top ten. We better win every single one of these events this week! Our smallest size this week will be 30, alright nachos? Make us all happy.

 :!:  Defense of Sleet

When: Saturday, April 14

Where: Sleet

Why: Protect the Nacho empire!


12:00 PST

1:00 MST

2:00 CST

3:00 EST


Defense Fjord

When: Sunday, April 15

Where: Fjord

Why: Protect the Motherland!


12:00 PST

1:00 MST

2:00 CST

3:00 EST

8:00 UK


||Big snow is captured!||

Invasion of Big Snow!

:arrow: Day: Monday, April 9th!

:arrow: Time:

6:00 P.M EST

5:00 P.M CST

4:00P.M MST

3:00 P.M PST

11:00 P.M GMT



Invasion of Ice Box

:arrow: Day: Tuesday, April 10th!

:arrow: Time:

6:00 P.M EST

5:00 P.M CST

4:00P.M MST

3:00 P.M PST

11:00 P.M GMT



Invasion of Ice Palace

 :arrow:Day: Wednesday, April 11th!

:arrow: Time:

7:00 P.M EST

6:00 P.M CST

5:00P.M MST

4:00 P.M PST

12:00 A.M GMT


Invasion of sled

:arrow:Day: Thursday, April 12th!

:arrow: Time:

8:00 P.M EST

7:00 P.M CST

6:00P.M MST

5:00 P.M PST

1:00 A.M GMT


Power in the Hat…              ~General Purple~  ||Edd64||

19 Responses

  1. I’ll be there!!!!!!!! Nachos rule!

  2. I can make all

  3. i know i can make the first one but idk about all the rest

  4. All Nachos!!!! Swat has already lost! I checked their site, and I won’t tell you what I saw, go check it out yourself!!!!


  5. AWESOMEEEEEE. I was looking forward to war on SWAT! I will make as many as I can. I cannot come to any Sunday events though. GOOOO NACHOS!!!!!

  6. Can’t come to April 9th or 10th but the rest i can come!

  7. I can make the first 3.

  8. 1. Maybe
    2. No
    3. Maybe
    4. No
    5. Should be there.

    btw, I didn’t fail the challenge.

  9. Edwardo Can go to all but monday! Viva La Nachos

  10. 14th-Yes
    9th-Most likely not

  11. I can come

  12. The weekend ones I can make it

  13. You idiots, some of you banned me because you thought I was a SWAT spy, but I’m a fricking Master Sergeant here! Anyway, I can make all of them.

  14. I came to the first battle. We must keep practicing the tornado tactic!

  15. I can’t read.

    Victory is mine.

  16. I can make all except the weekend ones.

  17. I can make Fjord and Sleet.

  18. I can make all but ones on Sunday.

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