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Drugs aren’t cool.

Hola Nachos!

Lately I have been disgusted about several people on chat saying they do drugs or they drink alcohol. First of all, this is a kids game. If you want to talk about that stuff, go to flirt or something because it won’t be tolerated on nacho chat.

Drugs are stupid. Drugs do not make you cool. They damage your health, social relationships, and more.


  • 20% of American teens smoke. 
  • Roughly 6 million teens in the US today smoke despite the knowledge that it is addictive and leads to disease.
  • A person who starts smoking at age 13 will have a more difficult time quitting, has more health-related problems and probably will die earlier than a person who begins to smoke at age 21. And yes, you CAN get addicted to weed.
  • Kids that smoke have problems in the lungs, coughing etc.


  •  41% of children have had least one drink by the age of 14. (wow)
  • The average age at which Americans begin drinking regularly is 15.9 years old.
  • Annually, more than 5,000 deaths of people under age 21 are linked to underage drinking
  • Stupid, nuff said.

So, if you are doing drugs, make an attempt to stop. I know it is hard, but it can really affect your life if you don’t. 

 I have a goal to live to 100. I hope I don’t mess that up. By the way,  I’m sorry this isn’t army related. 😛 I just wanted to get this out there.

Proud to be a nacho.


17 Responses

  1. Great post Dash, I also have that goal to live to 100. Stuff like this will never help it. I wonder why people even invented these things, they don’t do you any good, right?

  2. Drinking isn’t that bad as long as you don’t over-do it… as for smoking and drugs, you’re just an idiot to even try it.

  3. You guys just don’t understand, and since i’m what society calls me as “pothead”. I don’t smoke marijuana to “get high” I do it to relieve stress, and to help me sleep so I can avoid insomnia. And while cannabis does have it’s cons, you might be shocked to know it has it’s pros to. I understand this is your opinion, but don’t say things like you did when some people might get offended. Good luck on reaching 100.

    • That’s great for you. Unfortunately nobody gives a crap about your problems and your addiction.

      • Hey Pie, guess what? Some people DO care, because i’ve since QUIT, and BY THE WAY, it’s impossible to be addicted to marijuana. I know, because I had been doing it since I was 12. It’s ALSO impossible to OVERDOSE on cannabis via inhalation, or what you might know it as “smoking”. This is scientifically proven, and no one on record for hundreds of years has ever been documented overdosing on cannabis, go google it. Good day.

  4. CP checks our sites. I think they like posts like this.

  5. alcohol is not considered a drug by congress lol thats why its legal

    • However, alcohol is a drug (as is chocolate), due to a drug being anything that changes you mentally or physically.

  6. something like weed is illegal

  7. Reblogged this on DCP Army.

  8. I drink wine on a regular basis, you shouldn’t drink if you are driving but it isn’t hurting anyone. Also for drugs, a lot of them are not good for you such as Cocaine and Heroin but Weed is perfectly fine. It has already been shown smoking 2 fat blunts a week does no damage to your lungs yet we have shit like Tobacco that is legal that is a hazard. I feel good intentions for this post but trying to regulate chat AGAIN will only piss people off.

    • Weed is not fine, in the Netherlands, where is is legalised, many people suffer from psychological illness due to weed.

  9. Weed is good for you….(Kinda)

  10. Couldn’t agree more. Also, ^@Harry Joe.

  11. dude, drugs and alchohal are not cool not good for you and if weed was good for you or not bad then why would it be outlawed? and just my opinion but, with drugs why bother? why give in early? I would rather be aloud to do things without having that feeling that people http://www.teenzeen.org/why-not-do-drugs.htmlhttp://www.teenzeen.org/why-not-do-drugs.html(get when people do drugs and drink alchohal. Or would you rather live out the stories that kill marriges? destroy familiys, stab freindships with a spear, and suck the meaning out of life its self? I dont know about you, but if you do drugs at an early age, like if you smoke use a water vapor cigar, then if you still want to then get help, because no one is perfect and its not “not cool” to get help and if it wernt then America could not have on WW2 all by itself…

  12. http://www.teenzeen.org/why-not-do-drugs.html sorry the link was put on wrong 🙂

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