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A Cold War Begins

Hola Nachos!

We have come to agreement with the Army of Club Penguin about the pending war. The ACP came to us wanting know what it would take to end the war, so we decided to enter discussions. After negotiations, the ACP agreed to give us their capital Breeze, and we agreed to continue the war as a Cold War instead. As a Cold War, it will be more based around unscheduled events such as raids rather than scheduled invasions.

Terms of the Cold War include:

1. Armies shall use the word “invasion” sparingly and will try to avoid scheduled events. An over-excess of scheduling can be considered grounds for breakage of this treaty. Over-excess will be defined as less than two unscheduled events between each scheduled event ON AVERAGE.

2. Unscheduled invasions are defined as raids and will last until the last person is off of the server being raided.

3. No army may claim a server that has been invaded or raided during the Puck & Shab Cold War©. However, an unofficial tally may be kept for bragging rights only.

4. Posts about the raids may be for criticism of each army only, not to declare victory or defeat.

5. There is no winner or loser.

6. There is no condition #6

7. Condition 6 is a lie.

8. The army being raiding must make a conscious effort to defend against the raiding army. Not doing so defeats the purpose of this treaty.

9. The raiding army should inform the defending army of their raid when it happens in order to give them the chance to participate.

10.Puck & Shab are really cool

11.For any complaints or accusations of breakage of this treaty, a meeting must be had between the army leaders and discussed before any action can be taken.


  • Nachos now own Breeze
  • War continues as a “Cold War”

For this Cold War, we can raid the ACP whenever we want as can the ACP. Most of the battles will take place unscheduled, but we still schedule just a few ‘scheduled’ raids on the ACP here in there. It is something very different compared to what we do now, and I believe it’ll be a lot of fun.

Later, I’ll have a post out explaining our strategy for this war and how we will operate during it. There will another post out later about the times and information for a few scheduled raids that we will have.

Comment on what you think!

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


9 Responses

  1. So this means we will not be attacking at the times posted beforehand?

  2. Never the less this is a victory. Officially owning the ACP capital.

  3. And the Cold war beggins 😀

  4. Why the treaty.

  5. LETS KICK FUCKING ASS!!!!!!! FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!

    Status:FUCKING MAD

  6. This sounds good. 🙂

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