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TODAY: Battle Practice for the Championship


-Harry Joe’s Last Event-

Battle Practice for the Championship

Date: Saturday, March 23rd [TODAY]

Server: Klondike [Start in the Town]


:arrow:2:00 pm EST

:arrow:1:00 pm CST

:arrow:12:00 pm MST

:arrow:11:00 am PST

:arrow:6:00 pm UK

|| GOAL: 45+ NACHOS ||

❗ Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes early ❗


Hola Nachos!

With the championship battle being on Sunday, we are going to have one more event to prepare for our battle against the Ice Warriors!  On Saturday, we are going to do a simulation of the battle on Sunday.  We will basically run through what we will do for the championship, so it is very important that you try your best to attend!  It will be a Saturday, so I expect us to be at full force as we run through all of this.  It will be a fun event as we should have a lot there!  After the battle practice, we will even play some games and have a little fiesta on Club Penguin! 😀

Remember, promotions will be released on Monday!  If you attend Saturday’s and Sunday’s event, your chances of getting a promotion is about 100%!

Here’s the schedule we will be running through on Saturday:

  • Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early (FOR SUNDAY: arrive approximately 45 minutes early)
  • Patrol Dojo, Snow Forts, and Ice Berg for 15 minutes – Recruit across the server.
  • STARTING ROOM: Town (Pre-Battle for 15 minutes)
  • Battle Time Length: 30 minutes
  1. Room 1: Dojo10 minutes
  2. Room 2: Snow Forts10 minutes
  3. Room 3: Ice Berg10 minutes
  • Victory celebration! 😉

We will be moving around a lot, so it’s important that you be quick!  Be alert on chat always, and be ready to move right away when the leader says to move to the next room.  It will be important that you move as fast as possible, so we have more Nachos in the room than Ice Warriors.  Speed and consistency is the key, Nachos, and it is what will win us the battle!

Let’s do this, Nachos!  See you on the battlefield!

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


20 Responses

  1. Can probably come

  2. I’ll be there most likely.

  3. I should be able to come to this 😀

  4. I shall attend.

  5. Can’t. D=

  6. I can come 🙂

  7. Might come! :O

  8. 6PM not the best time I should be there though

  9. i’ll try to come to both

  10. Most likely.

  11. i will probably be there

  12. I can come

  13. You guys might remember me. I haven’t been active in the last few months but I’m going to come back. At least I’ll try to.

  14. ill be there

  15. I will be there

  16. please add hawaiian standard time i went on at 11 hst and no one was there

    • Sorry about that. I think you may our first Hawaiian troop, so that is why it was not up there. The time you used was for Pacific Time which is +3 hours ahead of your time, so for Hawaiian Standard Time it would have been at 8:00 AM. We have another event tomorrow at the same time, so once again it would be 8:00 AM HST.

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