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RPF Denied into White House By the Nachos

EDIT: Sorry for the post being out so late; I was DDoSed right in the middle of making this, so I lost some of things I was working on.

Hola Nachos!

It was another successful day as we cleansed White House!  The RPF was small once again today with about 20-25 troops; it seems they just keep falling each day!  We were much bigger than the RPF once again as we managed to reach about 45+ Nachos!  The battle began with the both armies in the Snow Forts; however, it wasn’t too long until the RPF retreated to the Ice Berg where we immediately followed and managed to get about 30+ Nachos in with 10+ locked out.  Again, RPF retreated, this time they fled to the Plaza where our size again soon grew to be 30+ in Plaza with about 10+ locked out.  Eventually, the RPF did log off at :45 making it a clear Nacho victory!

Day after day, we continue to pummel the RPF, Nachos, and it won’t be much longer until they break!  Let’s not stop here until they are finished!  Excellent job as always today, Nachos!  Thanks for staying through the whole battle if you were one of those locked out soldiers; every troop matters and counts whether in or out!

Viva Los Nachos!


Max size: 45+ Nachos

33 34



33 Nachos and already about 5 locked out. 19 RPF soldiers.


31 Nachos. 23 RPF. 5+ Nachos locked out.

3 4 5 6 8 9

Meanwhile, locked out Nachos were at the Forts.

10 11 13 14 15 17 18 19

Meanwhile, locked out Nachos were in the Snow Forts.

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 3133


Chat sizes between Nachos and RPF

From Pinkypup!

Hadger was our tournament champ!

Pictures from Waff!

Pictures from Joker!

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


Nacho Leader

27 Responses

  1. Made it!

  2. Great job as always Nachos!


  4. I made it! It was a great battle for the Nachos! 😀

  5. Made it!! But I’m not in the Rank so could somebody plz put me back in ?? Name:martin897 Rank:Lieutenant Thanks 😀

  6. I was there for about 3/4 of it 😀

  7. I MADE IT AND I WAS AT THE BOTTEM OF THE CHAT THING, WHEN U SHOWED THAT THING THAT SAID, ”IS MIKEY CRYING” LOL btw why were we red? did doritos make a switch with us for a day?

  8. I made it, great pictures!

  9. I was there, all the time never locked out!


  10. I didnt make it, my account got banned for some reason

  11. I madez it

  12. i made it

  13. i was there!!

  14. dude I think rpf copyed DW cuz DW is Dark Warriors, and there motto is “when darkness falls”, did they copy them?!!!

  15. made it ….In find four i was the second won to win with 8-2 …just telling 😛

  16. Agreed with Puckley

  17. I was there! The whole time.

  18. Wow! Thanks so much for publishing my pictures! They look AWESOME on the website.

  19. I couldn’t make I went somewhere

  20. I was there.

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