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A Nacho Story

Hola Nachos!

Since we don’t have many posts today, I thought I’d make another one!  We have a great page on our website called the “Nacho Story Book” which features several different stories written by Nacho soldiers.  Perhaps, you have already read a few stories!  I’d encourage you to check the page out if you are ever up to it, and you could even write your own story and get it put on that page!

Click HERE to go to the Story Book.

So gather around, here’s a Nacho Story.


A Nacho Story

By: Time689

Once upon a time, a universe, far, far, away…

Shadow was polishing his decoy rocks, while Person was recruiting, while Aka was on his PS3, while Shaq was training, while Linkin was just being Linkin, while Puckley was counting his lemons, while Terr was bored, while Smeeble slept, while Time was training, ACP invaded Mammoth.

“Get your butts to Mammoth!!” Shadow yelled.

“Yes sir!” Puckley responded.

Billybob was strolling through Mammoth, until ACP surrounded him.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?” Billybob screamed in rage.

“We are invading this server, SO BACK OFF!” Oagalthorp said.

“Yeah!…” Shaboomboom back’d up sarcastically.

Suddenly, the Nacho division, Army, showed up.  It was a battle.

“FIRE!” Person yelled.

“King Kinz, get into the Cat Tank!” Linkin said.

“Sir, I don’t have a liscence…” King Kinz responded.

“Okay, Time get into the Cat Tank!” Linkin tried again.

“Yes sir!” Time answered.

So Time fired at the Pepto Bismol© building.  (Oagalthorp LOVED  Pepto Bismol)

While the town was being fought over, the Air Force division was protecting Shadow’s ‘Decoy Rock Factory’.

“Guard the entrances Rabo!  Guard it with your life.” Shaq ordered.

“Okay, I’ll die over it…” Rabo answered.

While they were fighting over the warehouse, the Navy division were at the Ice Berg. (Linkin was leading)

Linkin yelled, “Come on Tomb you slow-poke!”

“Yes sir…*pant pant*” Tomb gasped.

Linkin and Tomb took the ‘Secret Tunnel’, they surprisingly met Aunt Arctic on the way.  “Why hello, boys!  Have a cookie.” Aunt Arctic said softly.

“Ehh, OKAY!”  Linkin said.

So Linkin and Tomb and some others were on there way.  The tunnel lead them to the Pizza Parlor, Linkin peeked up, and saw Boomer in a port-a-potty, it said, “Occupied FOREVER”

“Hmmph, should’ve known.” Linkin laughed.

At the town, Time was firing the cat tank, the rest were fighting on ground.

Bat showed up, and asked, “Person, can UMA help fight?”

“Sure, but you have to get the army here…NOW.” Person smiled.

A couple minutes later, UMA was ALL over Club Penguin; Person and the others smiled cheerfully.

UMA, Nachos, and ACP went to the Snow Forts, it was now a huge war.

Puckley felt something weird in his pocket, he pulled out a lemon.  “This ought to do the trick!”

Millions of lemons attacked ACP soldiers.

Person told Aka to lead the rest of the battle, he was happy.

Oagalthorp whispered to Shab, “Are your boxers on too tight, mine are!”

Aka took charge of the Cat Tank,  he fired at the “Boxer store”, Oagal looked like he was going to wet himself.

Aka saw a butt-load of ACP soldiers (coming up the rear O_O) and threw his specially designed sombreo and cut them all in half near-instantly.

Bat had to leave, so Lots of Pie took over, he was determined to win.

The battle was almost over, the Nachos and UMA took the final charge.  Half of ACP were still recovering from the crazy lemon attack.  So the 2 armies took the battle, and finished it.

ACP were gone.

“WE WON!!” Everyone yelled.

Moral: ACP shouldn’t invade Mammoth.


I could post a few stories every other day if you’d guys like! Let me know in the comments! 😉

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


Nacho Leader

4 Responses

  1. first and do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And so children, if you’re ever in a battle just remember what our wise leader Puckley always says, “lemons are the best source of defense in the heat of war”.

  3. Yes Lemos are extreamly useful and plus if ur in a situation like tht just get a RPG and ur done

  4. lol

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