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Nacho Army Maraca Scavenger Hunt!

Hola Nachos,Pechu here,Just wanting to say that I made a Nacho Maraca Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve never been in one then here’s how it goes!

*Sorry for the super short post.


1.Look around all the Nacho Pages.

2. Look at the numbers in the Maracas.

3.Comment on this post saying the 10 Nacho Maraca Numbers.

4. Example: 1-9000-4-2-499-000-777-87777-9000000000-19

5.Wait Until Friday for the results.



1.Chat Promotion (78 hours)

2.50 xats

3.Be on the Nacho Record Book


Well i hope you can find all the maracas! Hope you have fun and good luck!


“Poder en el Sombrero”


Nacho Major General

31 Responses

  1. The maraca numbers are: 15, 7, 22, 32, 89, 58, 101, 870, 47, and 619.

  2. 47-58-22-32-870-7-101-781-15-89

  3. 47-15-58-101-7-32-870-22 found them!…I think…I hope

  4. oh fart I need 2 more

  5. got them now 47-15-58-101-7-32-870-22-781-89

  6. 1st comment!

  7. 2-0-2-3-0 Either that, or this is bullshit

  8. Do posts like these count or is it just things like the Ranks, Beginner’s Guide, Hall of Fame etc.

  9. 89-15-781-101-47-58-7-22-32-870
    I enjoyed looking for the maracas btw. It was fun.

  10. 7-22-32-89-15-781-101-47-870-58

  11. 7-22-32-89-15-781-101-47-870-58
    Sorry, first one had my WordPress name

  12. 47-58-22-32-870-7-101-781-15-89

  13. 7-22-32-89-15-781-101-47-870-58 😀 Got it!

  14. 15,47,7,32,101,870,22,58.

  15. found’ em all..look up

  16. where will i see da numbers? like in the backround of page or sumthin on maracas?

  17. 7-22-32-89-15-781-101-47-870-58

  18. no you did not 🙂

  19. I got it first!!!! yay

  20. I found them all at 9:48

  21. Comment wont be approved so people cant see.

  22. I can only find 9 😦 47 15 58 101 7 32 870 22 781 and an Easter egg saying 101

  23. Doh, silly people saying they got it first. Your comment won’t get approved, like Pechu said.

  24. I’m pretty sure Hadger won. I had 9/10 of them, but I think I got the 10th one wrong. Gahh

  25. 47 58 15 101 22 7 32 870 781 i cant find last

  26. 7-22-32-89-15-781-101-47-870-58


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