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Sombreros vs Maracas- RESULTS

Hola Nachos today we had an amazing event! An all out Nacho battle in legions The Sombreros vs Maracas! In the beginning we started off as one huge group and did tactics together which were great! All together we had about 40 Nachos great work guys! A few minutes after we would split up and let the battle commence. Both sides were great, Mike leading the sombreros, and Tomato leading the maracas. I’d like to congratulate both of you because you both led very well today. Haha, honestly the entire battle was pretty funny because Mike, and Tomato just think way to alike when it comes to leading! The two would frenzy at the same time, haha at one point they would both command the same tactic, I had to warn Tomato to switch the tactic. As funny and entertaining as  this battle was sadly there could be only one victor. Since both sides were on par with tactics we had to judge based on size, and one side had a slight advantage when it came to size so without a further ado the winning legion is………


Sizes: 40

Both legions would meet up at the mine to perform a few tactics before the battle began:

The Nachos would then begin the battle by performing a war face frenzy and splitting up. The maracas were to be red, and the sombreros were to be orange.

Both legions splitting up to both sides of the room. The maracas would take the right while the sombreros took the left.

Both legions begin to organize themselves. Maracas make a diagonal line while spreading some maraca pride. Sombreros make a line across the chat bar while performing E+F

Maracas perform an E+5 waterfall, while sombreros break out into an E+K frenzy.

Maracas continue to attack.

As maracas begin to form a line on the chat bar, sombreros attack with popcorns.

Sombreros perform an E+8, and maracas defend with E+G

Both sides break out into a frenzy sombreros with E+9 and maracas with E+6

Both legions go into a new formation creating a cross

Maracas showing some maraca pride.

Not sure what this was supposed to be, but I really liked it…

The event ends with maracas charging with a j bomb, and sombreros charging with E+L

Well guys I thought this was a real fun event! Would you guys like to do something like this again?! Comment below to let us know what you think! Also don’t forget to comment if you made the event! Helps with promos!



28 Responses

  1. Made it

  2. I made it! This was really fun! The Maracas will win next time though ;D

  3. Made it was really fun.

  4. I was there fun event.

  5. i cameeeeeeeeeeee

  6. I actually got to this event! It was really fun!

  7. I made it. 😀

  8. looks like it was really fun.. i wish i was there!

  9. I made it! Hope everyone liked it! 😀

    • Also, great job to everyone for getting all of this figured out. I was throwing a lot of new information out to everyone, and you followed it perfectly. We’ll definitely be having more legion practice battles in the future!

  10. I was there! Had a great time!


    Made it! Had fun! can’t ask for much more, this event was a great idea.

  12. couldnt make it 😦

  13. Brilliant idea – it was a lot of fun and I cant wait for more in the future. :mrgreen:

  14. i made it.

    btw. cool is dumb

  15. I made it, this event was a huge success! This should turn into a regular event.

  16. That was fun.
    I made it ~ Sombreros

  17. awesome battle, though i wasn’t there, real sad 😦

  18. I came so much fun 😀

  19. i made it for like the whole thing i actually came on the server 1 hour before it started lol


  20. Aww, it looks awesome D:
    Sorry I couldn’t make it, hopefully next time I will though!

  21. I made it

  22. I made it but i was way too confused

  23. I was there for the first 10 minutes or so then I had to leave.

  24. I Made It

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