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Back into the Swing of Things


Practice Battle with Ice Warriors

Date: Sunday, September 8th

Server: Fjord


:arrow: 3:00 pm EST

:arrow: 2:00 pm CST

:arrow: 1:00 pm MST

:arrow: 12:00 pm PST

:arrow: 8:00 pm UK


Hola Nachos! This week will be getting back into the swing of the school year, with UK and US events. Cool, our UK leader, is scheduling UK events, which you can see Here. We will be having training and recruiting sessions during the week, and we will be having some Practice Battles during the weekend. This week, the leaders will be working hard on projects like Divisions/Legions, updating the Hall of Fame, Governor Elections, and updating the ranks. It should be a fun and exciting week, with these new projects coming to life!


30 Responses

  1. i should make the ones during the week.. 6pm is a little weird but i’ll try my best 😀

  2. I should be able to attend most of them I believe; I’ll try my best if anything. Thanks for scheduling these too, Mike!

  3. i might be able to make saturday and sunday but not the rest because i have school

  4. I should be able to make some of these.

  5. I think I can make the weekend ones – I’ll try!

  6. I can make Saturday and Sunday.

  7. I’ll definitely be able to make these events.

  8. I should be able to make the practice battles on Saturday and Sunday.

  9. 1st event definately, but the second and third are a little late
    for GMT,

  10. no cant make it to any 2 late can you please make the time 7pm uk its a good time 4 my time zone …pls puck ull should start putting gmt times 2 its really hard for me 😦

  11. I’ll make the first 2

  12. I can make the 2nd and 3rd events but not the 1st I don’t think

  13. can make it for this bc im in the usa. i wish i can make it for the uk one but with short notice my soccer practice has been moved from friday 4:00 EST to today at 3:00 EST.


  14. I can make all but Sunday!, I get to go to a football game (NFL) 😀

  15. that’s why I cant make it

  16. probably all of them..

  17. There’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be able to attend the three events currently listed! :d

  18. I wont make it to thursdays event

  19. I dont think I can make any of these. If I make it home on time thursday I’ll go,but that’s most unlikely to happen

  20. I will most likely be able to attend all the events. 🙂

  21. I don’t know… I think I can make the one tomorrow if my mom comes early.

  22. I can make Saturday’s and Sunday’s event!

  23. I can make the weekend events

  24. sorry i couldn’t make it today i had a lot of homework. stupid school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and plz don’t take me off of the ranks. p.s. i will try to make it to as many battles as possible.

  25. i can’t come pls change the timings to somewhere between 5pm to 7pm uk

  26. I might be able to attend the weekends especially Saturdays and maybe Fridays.

  27. i can be there but i don’t know how long i can be on at the battle

  28. We done guys!

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