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[UK] U-lead Results!

Hola Nachos!

Today, we had our U-lead tactics session! Although I unfortunately missed the first 3 minutes of the event, I was there for the rest of it, however it seemed unfortunately like people logged off after the first couple minutes because it wasn’t so organised. Basically, although U-lead sessions usually involve leading basic tactics, I’d like for them to become something else. U-lead means “you lead”, and lead involves a lot more than just tactics. Mainly I mean it involves logging troops on, logging on yourself, and doing room changes, formations, and making sure you’re organised. So just remember, next time no owners show up to the beginning of a U-lead event, or ANY event, just think a little about what I’ve said. If you show you have initiative, you show yourself worthy of a leadership position.

With all that said, we ended up maxing about 15 I believe at this event, and averaging about 11. We could have been doing better but I think it’s a good start to our UK Division Recovery Period, personally. We should get more at our next event, but the purpose of that one is to have fun, remember? So let’s do just that! By the way, we maxed 15 at the start, and I wasn’t there for that, so no pictures of that.

Time for some pictures!



Click “READ MORE” For More Pictures!




We tried to do a room change and lots of people lagged out, so those who were still online decided to go and charge the pizza parlour and troll some pookies!



Brigade3’s message to the pookies


Overall, I’d call this a reasonably successful event, honestly, so let’s keep it up and increase our size!

~6789cool – VIVA LOS NACHOS!


8 Responses

  1. hey thx for showing my message! I made it. Great event!

  2. I made this event and I led some of it too.

  3. i was there crazy doc is me I was only there for a little while though

  4. I made it too. Well done to those who made it to the event – those who didn’t, keep trying your best to make it to every event you can – it’s important!

  5. I made it!

  6. Gosh dern pookies

  7. I made it, I can see me in the pics!

  8. Looking good, guys! Keep it up!

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