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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Jokers Departure


           Hola fellow Nachos! This would be my retirement, but it’s not like I ever officially rejoined, so I’ve still been retired since 2011, but with me in school, and other extracurricular activities I decided it’s best my time to go. Everyone has their time right? I’m just too bombarded with schoolwork and other activities to keep on helping out the army as I used to. I also feel if I stick around I’ll just linger the transition from old era to new era. It’s time for the new generation to step up, and have the chance I had to succeed. I’ve had the opportunity of being a great whether I failed or succeeded doesn’t really matter, I just hope I was able to help the army out. I’ve had a great time in the army.

          This summer I came back to Nachos with the intention to help the army out, and I sure hope I was able to help at least a tiny bit. However now that my summer has come to an end sadly I must depart from the greatest army in Club Penguin Armies. I don’t care what anyone says I truly believe the Nachos are the best army to ever come to existence. I mean just think about it which army has been around as long as us, and stayed so strong? Sure we’ve had a few slumps, but nothing too big, I’m sure we’ve stayed longer in the top 5 than any other army, we’ve been off the top 5 what 3 times only during our entire existence? We sure haven’t fallen to number one on the SMAC top 10 ;). We’ve been in the center of some of the biggest events in CP armies, we were right smack in the middle of the entire IATW incident back in 09, which would lead us to lose one of our greatest leaders Person1233. Soon after Person’s departure we would hit a huge bump, we were the biggest army of the summer, and now we were having some huge problems. AkaBob22 and Jayson23 would take over and become one of the most infamous Nacho leaders ever, which would lead to what I like to call the age of rebellions which would last from Late 09-Early 2011 honestly there would be so many rebellions back then it was ridiculous. But even through out that dark age we would never let that effect our performance we would always pull through and surprise the entire community by having a huge jump back like the first ever legends cup where we would hit 70+, and win the legends cup, we were the underdogs in that match, before the tourney we were maxing around 20 while Ice Warriors were still a world power getting around 40-50 no one thought it would be possible for us to win, but we sure proved them wrong, by hitting 70+ and destroying Ice Warriors to win the tournament.

          I’m glad the Nachos allowed me to be part of this army once again this summer. This was with out a doubt one of the greatest summers the Nachos have ever had. This era was comparable to the Nachos of Summer of 09 (Almost pains me to say that since I was a noob during this era, lol.). We have achieved so many things this summer notably Biggest Army of 2013, we were basically the center spotlight of CP warfare this year. We were able to achieve all of this because we all worked together. However I know that the summer of 2013 is just history for the Nachos now, and they will go on to achieve even greater things and continue to be the greatest army in CP armies.

Now I don’t want to go overboard as I did last time with my retirement post (5,511 words) 

Throughout all my years I have met some amazing people who became friends and only made my journey in CP Armies so much better, so I’d like to thank a few certain people:

Puckley: It’s great to finally see you get the departure you so rightfully deserve Puckley, we will forever be in your debt. You have saved our asses a countless amount of times, and who knows where the Nachos would have gotten without you. You truly are one of the greatest leaders Puckley. Nachos could not have achieved as much as they had without you. It was was an honor serving under you, leading by you, and work on so many other projects with you. Thanks for being such a great friend Puckley.  Best wishes ;).

Tanman626: My Ninja Nacho companion! It’s been ages since we last talked, but I’ve never forgotten you. You’re still hands down one of the greatest, and coolest Nachos to ever come by. One of my earliest friends in the army, it was a blast leading with someone such as yourself Tan. Miss ya buddy, hope you’re doing well, and hope you have a great future.

Beeky: Beeky,I have to say you really proved people wrong this summer there was a few people who didn’t believe you were active enough, and believed you were inactive, but you sure proved them wrong this summer, you really stood out.   You really contributed during this golden age, and at this point I’d flip on some one now if they called you lazy, you’re one hell of a leader, you’re a great Nacho leader Beeky, and you’ll only become an even greater leader as the time goes by.

Mrgpv/Mike: Congratulations on becoming Nacho leader Mike! I truly believe with you being a leader the Nachos can now even achieve greater heights, you will be a vital part to the transition into a new era it will be tough, but a lot of people trust you can help achieve this transition. You fairly earned your leader spot, and I believe you can become one of the greatest Nacho leaders so give it your all Mike!

Danny: HEY DANNYKINZ!<3 Don’t think I was going to forget you buddy. No way, you’re such a great guy Danny, one of my greatest friends here. Best of luck to you and Emily. Oh and I haven’t forgotten about your 10+ page message I’ll send it to you eventually ;).

Wolfie1215: Wolfie, where to begin with you? I have never met a guy as dedicated as yourself you have been an owner in this army for so long,  you’ve retired a few times, but just come back better than ever. I know I have given you some harsh criticism before, and I apologize if it offended you, but it in all honesty was constructive criticism. I know one day you’ll become leader of this great army, and you yourself will become one of the greatest, best of luck Wolfie.

Tomato 8883: I really hope to see see you as Nacho leader some day, Tom! You’re a really smart guy Tom, and can see you becoming a key item in the new era. You’re one Nacho I’d never like to lose. I know you’ll get far Tom.

Shadow2446: It was great getting to know you more this year Shadow! You were a great guy to talk to, and you had so many great ideas for this army. I’ve always known you’re one of the greatest Nachos but this summer I was able to witness why you’re such a prestigious legend.

Dashing Snow/AssyRashyPoo: You’re one great guy Dash, one of the funniest around, I’ll surely never forget you Dash, and you’ll never be forgotten for your contributions to the army Dash, you’re one of greats Dash. Thanks for being such a great friend<3.

Kid: I can’t thank you enough for getting me to give One Piece another chance<3. (Click the link, fool) 

Ads: Hope you can get your laptop fixed soon Buddy. The army is going to need your great leadership skills to be successful during this transition. Thanks for being such a great friend all these years Ads even though we’ve had a few arguments here in then, it was nothing too serious we were both just trying to do what we thought was best for the army. I’ll miss ya buddy.

Dj Dan Diaz: Dan I can see you becoming one of the greatest Nachos of the new era, only if you would mature!….Just kidding! Dan your goofiness really livens the chat up a lot of times, and it makes you a great guy to be around! Just get serious when you really have to alright? 😉 I know you can get far Dan.

Tucksy: I know we’re not as close as friends as we used to a few years back, but you were one of my very first friends in the army, and you’re still around today. Thanks for being a friend all these years Fucksy.

50 Cent 254: I know we weren’t always the greatest friends, but we’ve moved on from then, and you’re a cool guy! Hands down one of the most dedicated Nachos I’ve ever seen! We really do appreciate all your contributions, best of luck Grant!

Blue Brothers [CPAC]: You two are some amazing guys! You guys get way too much crap, than you deserve. You two are great heads of CPAC! Hope you guys get to be heads of CPAC for as long as possible. It’s always great talking to you guys.

KingFunks4: We all judged you too quickly, and I regret that you’re a great guy Funks, I’m glad you became a Nacho!

Infinity [Chuck, Ace, Zero, Heff and anyone else I’m forgetting]: I know not all of you like me that much anymore for some reason, but some of you have been friends of mine for years, and great friends so thanks.


Kenneth: Great to have you back home, buddy. Hopefully you’ll get an owner spot soon.

Soldiers of the Nacho Army: I honestly don’t know where to begin here, I can’t thank you guys enough, without you guys this experience couldn’t have been possible, I owe this all to you guys, the only reason I’m writing this right now is because of you guys! You guys are hands down one of the greatest troops to ever come across not only the Nacho community but the entire CP Army Community, we were able to achieve all our achievements this summer because of you guys, and I know with troops as great as yourselves you’ll only go on to achieve more, the sky is the limit for the Nachos. The Nachos will only keep on achieving goals, and creating new ones. Because that is what the Nachos are all about, being top dog, being the dominant army! With troops as great as yourselves there is no way Nachos can’t be the dominant army. A leader is nothing without his troops. The new era is lucky to have troops as preeminent as yourselves to help them throughout this transition

I could go on adding to this list forever, because nearly everyone I’ve met here are such great persons, but I’d never finish! So I ‘ll just end it here! Sorry if I missed you!


My final request? Well that’s simple…Don’t stop being the Nachos that I joined. What do I mean? I don’t want you guys to ever stop being the number one army in this community, I don’t want you to give up when the going gets tough. However, looking at the new leadership I don’t think that’s going to happen, Ads, Beeky, and MIke will lead this army and only keep on achieving more for the army, but they can only accomplish this with the help of yourselves. Keep on achieving new goals, make the army be better than it was yesterday.  Keep on creating new Golden Ages, never stop being Nachos. Just keep on doing what you do best, kick ass. 😉

13 Responses

  1. Luv u Joker

  2. I didn’t really get much time to talk to you until you were out of CPAC, but during your time you did some of the best work I had seen on that site. You’re a really cool guy and I’m glad I’ve gotten to talk to you now and again, you’re also one of the best Nachos we’ve seen and someone this community will never soon forget. Have an awesome life; visit now and then if you feel like it.

  3. First Edd, then Puckley, and now Joker. My heart can’t handle the emotion ;~;

  4. Awww :* love you buddy. Text me sometime!

  5. Nooooooo 😦
    Joker, I didn’t know you awfully long, but ever since you came back to help us, you’ve been an awesome friend!
    You were serious when serious, and chilled when chilled, overall a combination of everything a good leader is. Thanks for everything, have a great life 😀

  6. Thanks for the comment, Joker.
    You were a good leader and a god reporter at CPAC and it was good to see you at the times I could, obviously with the time difference it was tough.

  7. Sad to see you leave Joker another great man leaving us. Hopefully we’ll see each other once more and you’ll try to visit us as much as you can on chat 😀 Have an awesome live!

  8. goodbye joker i dont think u know me but well have a good life ahead

  9. Joker remember me 🙂 . I will miss you and you were the best person in the world 😦

  10. I will miss being able to talk about wrestling with you Joker, all the laughs and the good times we’ve had; I’m going to miss all of that. And I know your feedback was for the best, I was not offended by it. I hope you’re on xat every now and then so we can talk. It’s been a pleasure being your friend on xat (if you consider friends a person you’ve never seen in real life) lol. Farewell Joker


  11. Dangit. What’s with all of these people leaving :(. Puck, Ads, Joker. Well, hopefully I’ll see you later Joker. You’re a cool guy 🙂

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