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Should we be dancing on ladders?


Hey Nachos, It’s Kingfunks4 Here!

Today we had our final UK event of the week. This event was originally supposed to be a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, but they never posted and obviously didn’t turn up so we decided to have a recruiting session. We did pretty well, considering Cool couldn’t come and it was a UK event, as we managed sizes of 10-15. Our tactics also weren’t too bad. Comment if you came to this event!
This event lasted about 20 minutes and was mainly led by me, with assistance from Power, Pyjamas and Tomato. We went on Alaska for this event and I have to say we did well, spending the time in the Outside Mine and Plaza. Here are my pictures from the event:


SIZE [8/10] – This was great for a UK event, as we maxed sizes of about 15 and we are making a good start to the progress in the sizes of this division. A 10/10 would have been sizes hitting around 20 and as this was a recruiting event, that was certainly possibly.

TACTICS [7/10] – The tactics at this event weren’t perfect, but when great tactics were pulled off they were good as they went with out improving size. The picture at the top of this post is a good example of how our tactics helped our good sizes at this event.

FORMATIONS [7/10] – You were not asked to perform complex tactics, meaning the highest numbers couldn’t be achieved, but all the formations that were asked of you were performed perfectly and I am glad that we did these formations quickly and efficiently.

OVERALL [7.333] – This was about as good as our event at the beginning of the week, which shows that the slow progression of our division is starting to work and we can challenge the likes of the Army of CP and Light Troops at this time of day if we work really hard on improving further.


Make sure you came to this event, as every comment saying you came to the event means an increased chance of promotions. Comment, Comment, Comment!

-Kingfunks4 Nachos UK 2ic

9 Responses

  1. I came….. obviously.

  2. I made it! I like the Titles name btw ;D

  3. I went and it was my idea about the ladders.:

  4. good good good!
    today was a bit of a wake up call and I have a plan that will involve me formally appointing co-leaders of UK. I can’t be around all the time as I was called out to my job this evening to work, and that can’t really be got around of.

  5. I made it! Nice job Nachos!

  6. Go Funkies 😀

    Sadly I couldn’t make it D:
    It seems pretty awesome though, so well done (;

  7. I made it to the event at the last 15 minutes or so. 😀

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