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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Imperial Diplomacy

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Beeky: Amen

DjPuck: Awomen

The barbaric Rebel Penguin Federation has challenged the authority of our great Empire.


:!: Invasion/Cleansing of Cloudy :!:

Date: Friday, January 3rd

Server: Cloudy (if full or 5 bars, Klondike)


7:30 pm EST,

6:30 pm CST,

5:30 pm MST,

4:30 am PST,

11:30 pm UK



For months, the nefarious dictator and absolute despot of RPF, Elmikey, has rained his infamous hegemony over the weak-minded and insecure. While the brave and good-intentioned have tried tireless to end his reign, they have been unsuccessful. We know their ill-fated attempt to rule everyone firsthand; they called off their war with us in the summer as they could not handle our brute power. Ever since, we have wanted them gone even more.

The Rebel Penguin Federation must be sent back to where it belongs; dead. Everyone liked them better when they were nearly dead under the leadership of fellows such as our own Oberst451. This new RPF is no longer a representation of what RPF was. No longer are RPF rebelling from UMA. Rather, they are rebelling from logic.

The RPF has refused to stay within their borders and so have ventured onto our servers, autotypers ablaze. The RPF does not abide by rules; rather they feel cheating is the key to all their woes. In recent history, our dear friends, the Dark Warriors were cheated out of a tourney victory by these brutes in an event known as the “Klondike Screwjob” where over 20 RPF were known to have entered rooms early and suffer no penalization. It is akin to the Legends Cup screwjob where RPF were also allowed to enter rooms early and suffer no penalties.

RPF has also gone against the news service Club Penguin Army Central, also known as CPAC. They have attacked CPAC with statements with little to no relevance or solid proof behind them, with outrageous claims such as “CPAC SELLS IPS!” and “CPAC HATES RPF!” Of course, how do you expect a noob army to act when they don’t get their way? This is the same army that campaigned endlessly against “unfairness” and “bullying.”

I ask whoever aligns themselves with these brutish Rebels in the war to reconsider their stance. You all have nothing to fight for. The RPF is not your ally. Fill your pockets and leave in peace; or your army will surely be killed. Not by us. Not by you. But rather by your dear “ally” RPF.

These brutes jumped in on us in our weakest times; with their Allies DCP and ACP. While both the Dorito Army and Army of CP have improved relations with us and were apologetic for their actions, the RPF were not. I, or Puckley, or Beeky, or our entire army for that matter, will not be forgiving for our actions in turn. It is time things come full circle for the Federation. It is time that Elmikey, along with his slave ownership, be exposed for their crimes against everyone.

This Empire will live free; or die. Nothing stops this train. The Imperial Army of the Nacho Empire declares war on the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Edict of the Imperial Nacho Diet


28 Responses

  1. Will make the defense of Alaska and Walrus I’ll try my best to make the defense Tundra! LET’S KICK SOME ASS :d

  2. I dont know if i’ll make it sunday but i’ll do my best to make them all

  3. all of them… as i always do *wary*

  4. I’ll try to make every event I can, but I can’t really guarantee i’ll be there because of the spur of the moment activities and trips i always go on. But I’ll try to be at everything I can (for the US Events)

  5. I can definitely make the AUSIA event.
    I don’t know about the other two.

  6. I can make all except the Ausia one

  7. I’m just a private, but I am definitely going to attend them all. We’ll defeat them, we’ll do it!


  9. Ugh another 2 weeks 😦

    I will be back somewhere in January

  10. I might make Defense of Alaska and Invasion of Walrus but not the Invasion of Tundra.

  11. I’ll make them all DWRPF

  12. I’ll do my best to attend them all.

  13. What Puck said.

  14. I can’t make any. I’m going away tomorrow, and will be back in a weeks time. Good Luck, Nachos! c:

  15. I should be able to attend all the events. Let’s put RPF in it’s place. 🙂

  16. We’re back in business! 😀

    I can try my best to make the US event and the AUSIA event!

  17. Win this one for me boys

  18. It’s great to see an AUSIA event scheduled.
    I will try my hardest to make all of them

  19. I am most likely to be at all of them

  20. yes RPF desirves to die!!!

  21. I can make Blizzard, Big Foot and Cloudy events

  22. I’ll try to come to all of them 😀

  23. I’ll come! 🙂

  24. I’m pretty sure I can make them all 🙂

  25. I’m part of RPF, and we won the invasion of bizzard, maxing over 70+ soldiers. Also, When most of your troops left the server, most of the RPF soldiers stayed logged on to finish the fight, with RPF on the winning side.

    P.S: You guys are going down.

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