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RPF’s Hidden Message

So, RPF had a battle with AR last night…

and RPF made this…


26 Responses

  1. my god.

  2. Cannot be unseen.

  3. They didnt. Look your painting red on AR.

  4. Hey look it’s me completing the top right swastica ;D

  5. subtle…

  6. More Like this -____- http://prntscr.com/2fucoa
    btw don’t judge, I’m not RPF

  7. Fight the Nazi Fight? (HIPPO)


  9. I knew it.

  10. it was obvious 😀 (still it’s fake)

  11. wow this is wrong. lord buddha plz bless rpf with zen so they can rlly see the tru meaning of life. buddha be praised.

  12. Reblogged this on buritodailys Ar Army blog! and commented:
    A long running joke while we dominated Tuxedo yesterday…

  13. wow

  14. wtf

  15. why would they do that

  16. omg, thats the nazi sign (nazis are people who killed jews in the holucaust)

  17. One of those lines were made by AR, 2 didn’t exist, and also, If you want to see a REAL Nazi symbol, take a look at this pic I took while seeing the evil purple republic:

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