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A Message to the Troops & to DCP

Hola Nachos!

I’d also like to say a big hello to all obsessed Doritos that I am sure are reading this right now and are wishing that their tiny army could even have a slight impact on us 😉

* Note: During out first battle of this war, The Nacho Army were threatened with DDoS attacks on our Owners and on our Troops. This is a disgusting thing to do and we will now take action and report any of these findings.


As most of you probably know by now, the Nacho Army has recently declared war on the Doritos (DCP). The main reason for this war is that DCP have quite an angry little boy as their leader, Mustapha10. Now most of you probably know him for his caps locks rage on chat, or for him constantly banning our troops in hope that he can possibly annoy us by showing us how “big and powerful” he is by being able to clicking a ban button. Nice try, dear 😉 The Nachos actually find it quite amusing, that the only way you can try to win a war is by playing dirty. What a shame, Musta. I knew you that you were not the brightest spark but still, at least TRY to win using your own troops and skills? I mean, I understand you do not have much of either, but still.


Another thing that we’ve noticed about the Doritos is that they enjoy making posts aimed at insulting us – our leaders, our troops, our army as a whole. Now usually, when you write one of these posts, you have some sort of evidence to back your statements up; screenshots, posts etc. The problem with the Doritos’s post is that it makes no sense. According to the amazing leader Bam, we have been begging the Doritos for peace! When in fact, a few months ago, it was actually Musta who approached Tanner and Beeky for a non-aggression pact. Yes, we are totally begging for peace because the Doritos are so big and scary with their 11 troops!  Notice the amount of exclamation marks being used here, I’m doing this in order to keep up with Bam who feels the need to put exclamations marks after every word to make things seem more dramatic.

No DCP, we did not use almost the same declaration of war post that we did with the Rebel Penguin Federation, nor was RPF in a civil war at the time we declared war. Yet another false statement by the wonderful DCP leadership!  Honestly, what would we do without your great knowledge?  We declared war on your army due to the fact that we think you are a joke. You have constantly lived in our shadow and constantly feel the need to come onto our chat to prove that you have some sort of say in this community. However, in reality, you are just our smaller, not as bright, and certainly not as influential “copycats.” I guess we should take it as a compliment — the fact that you copy everything that we do. It is the greatest form of flattery after all.

Another great thing about the posts they have published, in attempt to try to get under our skin, is their insults on Beeky. Like usual, their insults are completely wrong and make no sense whatsoever. The only thing they have correct is that Beeky has indeed been leading for two years. They then state that Beeky has only just maxed 30 for the first time in his career yesterday. Yet, when you continue on reading the Doritos’s post they claim that they will “smack us back to the Golden Age.”


Oh, Bam, We totally feel for you. It is tough being a terrible leader like yourself.

Now Nachos, our Golden Age was 2013. This is where we maxed a solid 50 at every event. If we were to use DCP’s logic that Beeky has been leading for 2 years (including 2013), that would mean he’s soared over 30 multiple times during those two years, hmm? Correct? If we were also to use DCP’s logic about smacking us back to our Golden Age, that would mean that by going to war with them, we’d reach new heights in our army again. If that’s the case then thank you, Doritos!  You will be giving us our long awaited Diamond Age – Maybe you copying us IS a good thing 😀

A moment of silence please, for DCP’s pathetic attempt at “Mind Games.” Our Troops are far more intelligent than to believe anything that comes from that cancerous website you call “Doritos Army of Club Penguin”, a knockoff of the legendary Nachos of Club Penguin.

Now a message to the leader of the Colonists:

Dear Mustapha, I’ve known you for the past 5 months of being in the Nachos, You come online every once in a while and spur on about how your army can “destroy” us, how we’re all “noobs”, how much of an amazing leader you are & how we should respect you!!111!!  I for one, simply cannot respect a raging hormonal 12 year old, who lies about basically everything. You’re a pathetic excuse for a leader, taking the credit for everything DCP has done, even though it’s not a lot. You lie to your troops about sizes, about other armies and about certain people in armies. You make up excuses for losing and most importantly, you beg. Mustapha10 needs to beg other armies to help him defeat the Nacho Empire. This is quite sad if I’m honest, considering you were on my chat only 4 nights ago, saying you can take us any day. Change of opinion?  I also found it quite amusing that you log onto our chat and ban our troops, giving yourself a glimmer of hope that you could possible win a battle by getting rid of my troops. Tsk Tsk. I also find it hilarious that you stated you wanted to “Make Laoise Rage”.  How sad of you.


Big Musty’s “toughness” Sure is something to laugh about.

The only problem is, I need to actually care what you think in order for me to even give you the slight response on chat. It just makes me laugh. Nothing you say towards, or about me will ever affect me due to the fact that well, you’re a joke. Your tactics are hopeless, your leadership skills are low and you definitely can’t interact with troops very well. Big Musty, you claim that I’m a bitch. I must give you credit for that –- that is one thing that you’re 110% correct about. You’re right Musta, I’m a total bitch. I’m not a nice person, not when it comes to other people attacking my army, abusing my soldiers or insulting any ONE of my troops. These things are the only thing I take seriously from your mouth. You don’t mess with the Nacho Army, and we don’t take things that people say about us lightly.

So here is what we’re going to do, we’re going to ruin you, your army, the pathetic thing you call your reputation and maybe, when it’s all done, we’ll let you retire in peace. Now I’m sure that by the time you’ve finished reading this post you’ll be slamming your grubby little fingers down with Caps Lock on, writing yet another post, that I am sure will be great! 😀 Musta, please do the entire army community a favor and go on another vacation, this time don’t come back. You almost killed your army yourself for us –- it would have saved us the hassle 😉

One last thing. According to the DCP website you own 83 servers. Well, I decided to look into things, and this is not the case. Another great piece of false information that the DCP leadership gives to their troops, how incredible. DCP own 1/6th of the servers they claim to own. What a surprise that Mustapha would lie to his troops, in order for them to believe that the Doritos is actually a strong army.

The Doritos of Club Penguin have constantly lived in our shadow. They copied our trademark “food army” name, they copied our color, and they also tried & failed to copy our uniform. They even copied the format of our Nation/Empire page. You know an army is a joke when they can’t even be original. It is a shame that you won’t be around for much longer so we can bash you even more than we already have. It really was fun while it lasted, Doritos. Maybe you can become a colony of the Nachos when we’re finished with you 😉


Quite pathetic but then again, it is Mustapha and Bam we’re talking about.

(Credit to Weazel for the memes)


We hate it too.


Disgusting threats to DDOS



That’s all for now!

Remember Nachos: Sombreros Together, Nachos Forever.

~Laoise/Irishspeaker, Nacho Army Leader.

9 Responses

  1. I know DCP like to guzzle the Mountain Dew and have all-night Club Penguin raid sessions, but the excitement from caffeine-fuelled snowball shouldn’t convert to making their silly memes that will only add fuel to the fire. Was it worth pausing your raid for, DCP? No, it wasn’t. Get back to stopping the terrorists from that basement of yours, because we shan’t be imprisoned in a web of Orwellian malice.

  2. Oh no! The Doritos Army of CP is totally going to crush us. Guys, we have no hope. We might as well go back to Mexico and eat tortillas for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and burritos for dinner! I am so astonished, flabbergasted and very frightened!

  3. I must be the smart troop in the post

  4. Nice use of Light Troops Nachos.

  5. ill be there!(sunday august 3th 2014

  6. XD Wow this is cracking me up, I am litterly laughing really hard. DCP is a joke.

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