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The Retirement of Topaz

Beeky: Like I told you in PC earlier, you were one of the only troops who stayed with us when others just gave up. And for that, I am grateful, and wish you the best of luck in your life going forward.

Hey guys its Topaz here. Most of you may know me, and those who do should know that i have decided to retire. I really love you guys but I just need to work my life out right now. I’m struggling in school and need to focus, I also have some problems at home that I must sort out. I’m NOT leaving you guys for another army or because someone was mean to me on chat. Nothing you did made me leave, this decision is 100% mine. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you rise again and go into your Diamond Age, and this time you stay there. This army is one of a kind, and we all know no one can top the sombrero. You guys have taught me to be tough and to not let people bring you down. FOR WE ARE THE NACHOS C: ! But if it wasn’t for a few people I wouldn’t even be a Nacho to begin with.

Frist I’d like to thank Beeky for feeling I’m imporant enough to even make a post about me retiring. Also Beeky is just a great leader, he has been in charge of this army ever since I joined. I can trust Beeky with the future of us so I have no dout in my mind that the Nachos will be amazing.

Also, Laoise and Cool. They are really just good friends to me. Laoise is alot of fun to talk to and freak out with, she’s confident and Irish, I mean what’s not to love? She is a female Nacho roll modle for me, and easy to talk to. Cool is my mentor and he knows what i mean. Often on chat he’ll explain to me what on earth is going on for we all know chaos breaks out randomly and it is rather hard to keep up with. I never seem to be able to have a normal conversation with him but hey, that’s okay :] .
Finally, there is Emily and Danny. Both of them were always kind to me and trustworthy. I can always go and chat with them, and just be able to relax. I know they’ve done some bad things in the past but i believe they’ve made up for it. I love them and have known them since i was a Private. They have motivated me to be active and be loyal to the Nachos. And to be honest if it wasn’t for Danny and Emily I would have probably left the Nachos in 2012. So thank you guys ❤

I thank ALL of the Nachos and the leaders, for you have helped me become the Nacho I am today. I love you guys and will be sure to be on chat from time to time. Hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time.


11 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear that you are having problems and I hope hat they get better soon! Best of luck to you topaz!

  2. I honestly thought I’d get a mention in Topaz’s Farewell. Oh well.

  3. ): Oh no. You were a really really good troop Topaz, leader material. It is a shame you will be going. ;-;

  4. thanks for mentioning me 😦

  5. So sad but happy for you topaz :’). wish u luck in ur school life

  6. WHERE AM I !!!!!!!

  7. Thank you for your dedication to the Nachos, Topaz, it’d be nice to see you back again at some point 😉

  8. Sorry guys I was going to write out everyone i wanted to thank but that’s like 12 people so i’ll just make a small list. Darkman, Zing, Rein, Tuck, Zek, Mal, Pony ee, and Pokeball. I LOVE YOU GUYS <3. All of you guys are crazy and have made my Nacho experience. I will see you around chat and thank you for the kind comments c:

  9. Good luck, Topaz. Feel free to pop into Nacho chat whenever you like. 🙂

  10. Bless you and your family. I wish you luck. 🙂

  11. […] One of our best Moderators, Topaz, has recently retired. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Top, you were one hell of a troop. To read her retirement post, click Here. […]

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