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Srsly DCP? #2

As some of you may know, the Doritos are not going to be showing up to any of our invasions this week (that doesn’t mean you guys can start slacking!), as they are “rebuilding”.

Honestly, this is so pathetic. The fact that they require time to rebuild pretty much proves that we defeated them, seriously, how hard is it for them to admit defeat, instead of wasting our time? Any other army would have the decency to surrender, but unfortunately, Mustapha has a massive ego, and simply can not give up, while I imagine that he himself realises that DCP have basically been defeated, he continues to try and uphold the illusion that DCP are a strong army to his troops, for example, implying that DCP max more than 20…


If DCP had any integrity as an army at all, they would have surrendered as soon as they entered their “rebuild” stage, they are quite simply delaying the inevitable.

  I’d also like to add that Mustapha is the whiniest c*** in Club Penguin armies, seriously, you’d think him and Bam had had some kind of major break up.

 So, DCP, for the good of what little reputation your army has, please, just give up, surrender, make this easier for the both of us. [Note; One term of any treaty that you sign with us will involve you removing my work from your Empire page, thanks]

~Chrisi Blule 

5 Responses

  1. Nachos forever!

  2. Is Musta like Elmikey’s relative? Did they both go to the ego convention?

  3. DCP are such cowards. They must be cring….

  4. Hopefully 5eva

  5. R.I.P Doritos Army Of CP

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