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Honesty is the WEST policy

Yeah, this guy is honestly full of himself.

So I felt it was necessary to address these peons we’re at war with. That’s right, the Nachos.

First and foremost, please do not say the word peons when you don’t know what it means, it makes you look awfully stupid. Second, the word “peons” was a word brought into this community by yours truly, Daniel. Third, you’re a babbling prole.

First off Chrisi, no one even knows who you are. So please stop trying to sound all big. And then you go on rambling about how you have defeated us. We went into rebuilding stage after you admitted defeat 3 times in a row. Please tell me how you have defeated us. I would just LOVE to know. Especially when you can’t even keep up to par with us during ANY of our battles. I find it kind of funny that you get 30+ during the Legends Cup yet you can’t even scramble together enough troops to invade during US times. You say we don’t max more than 20? That’s coming from an army who can’t even get more than 15+ during US times. That’s a bit sad. You’re all a disgrace to this entire community.

How is he trying to act big when he’s only defending this army? An act of “acting big” is slandering somebody over the Internet because you have no other outlet to vent it from. You use the term dork very briefly, which is a form of slander. So what I’m going to assume is that you’re the one who is ‘acting big’ for your Internet friends down in the colonist parlor. I think that if you look at the score rationally then you know who the true victors are. Why don’t you scroll through our website and a look at the large amount of victories we’ve obtained? It’s because you know that the mathematical differences wouldn’t match up. And I’m having trouble comprehending you right now; “that’s a bit sad”? What? Are you really saying that maxing a certain size is considered sad? Like.. How stupid are you? And I also never knew that being known means that you could reply to somebody with a ‘higher stature’. Get a grip you self-invested charlatan.

DCP will be back next week for you sad Nachos. Prepare to meet your maker. I’m predicting at least 40+. Can you keep up Nachos? I sure as hell don’t think you can.

Comical how you’re coming back for us next week because you can’t face us right now, isn’t it? And why are you predicting 40+? Are you going to continue to spout false predictions in which you will fail to uphold? I’m not stopping you from doing that, but I’m just trying to lay down a platform in which I can humiliate you on, because I honestly don’t want you doing that yourself.

Now, because I have things to do, I’ll let Chrisi finish you off.

Hate-filled goodbyes,


7 Responses

  1. Anyone who calls themselves “Lord” ____ should be shot.

  2. Now let’s wait for a week and let Musta google up some comebacks.

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