Nacho Chat Avatars!

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Hey Nachos!

I’ve collected all of the Nacho Army avatars (made by Dj Dan) and put them on this post for troops to use on xat. ENJOY!

Nacho Xat Icons!











GIF Nacho Icon (only works with animate power on xat)


How to Assign them:

1) Click your username at the top of the users list on the right hand side of the chat page:

2) Enter one of the links above in the box next to the text ‘Picture’:

3) Click ‘OK’ at the bottom so the picture will save!

4) Enjoy your very own Nacho Army chat avatar!


Thank you all for reading and hope you found this useful! Enjoy the avatars! 😛

Viva Los Nachos! ~Max43810

Nacho Army Temporary Owner

3 Responses

  1. Hope you all found this useful! :mrgreen:
    Which avatar did you choose? 😛

  2. Thank you! I used the one which says nacho7

  3. none! fluffy made me one! :p

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