FREE CODES: 1,500 Coins!

Club Penguin Codes

Club Penguin has released some new free Club Penguins Codes for the month of January 2015. These codes unlock a total of 1,500 free coins:

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Nacho Chat Avatars!

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Hey Nachos!

I’ve collected all of the Nacho Army avatars (made by Dj Dan) and put them on this post for troops to use on xat. ENJOY!

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Troop Interview #1

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Hey Nachos!

This is the first post of a new series – ‘Troop Interview’, in which I will be speaking with some of our awesome and dedicated NACHO Soldiers! These will be posted once a week and will involve all sorts of things from solider opinions to favourite leaders and things that could make the army better. 😛

In today’s issue I will be speaking with Nacho Lieutenant, LEGOFAN!

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COMPETITION – Nacho Army Quiz

This competition has now ended, please do not enter! 😛

Hey Nachos!

I am be holding a competition for the penguin shown below, with the complete original Nacho uniform.



If you would like to enter for a chance to win, please kindly answer the following questions and post the answers in the comment box below!

  1. Who was the first ever leader of the Nachos Army? > Hint <
  2. In what generation was the first Nachos website created? > Hint <
  3. What year was the first Nacho chat created? > Hint <
  4. What is the Nachos birth server/capital? > Hint <
  5. In 2009, which Nacho Leader won CPAC Leader of the Year? > Hint <

This competition will end Friday, Good Luck!

Viva Los Nachos! ~Max43810

Nacho Army 4ic

Star Wars Rebels Takeover – Sneak Peak!

This is my 40th post! 😛

Hey Nachos! :yay:

This months themed party is the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, and this post includes all of the previews and sneak peeks! :mrgreen:

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