Club Penguin Police Foil Pizza Parlour Raid

Unfortunately many of us were having major technical issues while trying to login today. Club Penguin was displaying an error message stating ‘Maximum Login Attempts Exceeded. Please try again in an hour’. So we did. And it still didn’t work. I sent a nice Email to Disney about this. I’m onto them though, I know it’s because they don’t want us robbing the pizza parlour :@.

Some troops were thankfully able to login however, so we do have some pictures. Thank you to Max for providing the pictures and leading the few troops who could login.

[To whoever’s picture that is, I really don’t like the colour of your taskbar :$]

So, this is chat;

Compared to the amount who were able to login;

Hopefully next time the Disney Police won’t be there to ruin the fun.

Thank you to everyone for trying to come,

Comment if you came for the event!

~Chrisi Blule

5 Responses

  1. Congrats to all the Nachos who came

  2. I know I came

  3. If you get that “Maximum login attempts exceeded” message, try clearing your cache. If you don’t know how to, click this link


  5. i was there!

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