Nacho Recruiting Force

Hola Nachos!

For the past few weeks the owners and I have been working on a Recruiting site for the Nachos. Last night it was finally completed and I’m pleased to announce the grand re-opening of the Force!

For those of you who wish to join this group of elite troops, please message any of the people listed below with your WordPress details, Rank and Location.

*Note: All troops who are already on the site >>, as an author or above, have been added to the site already.




You will all be asked to attend scheduled meetings during the week, which will be posted about on this RF site. We also ask you all to put a special “symbol” in your name, so that we can recognise you as part of this elite squad. Alongside these things, we will have set goals  for each week.

The reason this site is being made is to ensure that the Nachos continue to grow and reach their highest potential possible. We’ve started March Madness with a bang and now it’s time for us to continue that winning streak. The main way of doing this is by recruiting and evolving both in strength and numbers.

I believe we have the best troops in this community and it’s time to put that to the test.

It’s time to soar, Nachos.

~Laoise/Irishspeaker, Nacho Army Leader.

9 Responses


    • Ikr! Whenever I see RF though I think that you mean Redemption Force lol. And yes laoise, we do have the best troops in the community! 😀

  2. Also all nachos can contact any editor/ nacho leader if they want to join. Heil to the nachos *salutes*

  3. umm i wasnt added to the site

  4. I would love to join, please add me to the site

    • You are on the site 🙂 Check your email

  5. pls me

  6. Hi I dont think that I was added to the site, I would be honored to join.

  7. I also want to join

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