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I’m Not One To Complain About CPAC Top Tens But…

I’m not one to complain about CPAC Top Ten’s but this one didn’t make much sense to me. So if a nice member of CPAC can kindly reply to this post that’d be great.

First off there’s the whole ”Nachos – 2 point deduction (2 blatant mislabel”. Please, if you’re going to declare armies to be mislabelling sizes then tell them which events they’ve mislabed. How are we going to fix anything if CPAC are seemingly unable to tell you what events have been mislabelled. And that’s not  even getting onto the fact that as far as I can tell, none of our events were mislabelled.

Edit; In fact, CPAC’s deductions are incredibly unclear; are they saying that we mislabelled the divisions that the events apply to or are they indeed saying we exaggerated size? My point still stands though, at least give us some indication as to what events you have decided we’ve ‘mislabelled’.  


Then there’s the whole fact that as far as CPAC is concerned that we did not have any AUSIA events despite the fact one is clearly posted here. Now, I know a max of 5 is hardly ‘big’ even for an AUSIA events, but surely it still warrants a higher AUSIA average than an ‘N/A’ and more points than a ‘0.00’.

And can the ‘UK Average’ category please be explained? Is it an average of UK events…? Our one UK event found us maxing 9 troops. Surely the average of 9 is well, 9. Hold on, I’ll do the math. Yes, it’s 9. Not 5.00. 9.00.

Your calculations for the Top 10 are becoming far too complicated with seemingly minimum explanation.

I won’t go into my rant about Gar being a judge in yet another CPAC Tournament battle against the Nachos. He’s religiously anti-Nacho and it has shown time and time again. The very fact that 2 CPAC judges, one of them Garrett decided that DW were somehow victorious against us is a very telling sign.


I’d like to leave a side note that I do honestly appreciate the work that goes into a Top 10. It must be incredibly tedious to go through so many armies writing descriptions and making sure they aren’t exaggerating sizes.

~Chrisi Blule

4 Responses

  1. 10000000000% Agree with you Chrisi :/ CPAC people, you are suckers. You shall all get fired!

  2. Hello!

    We appreciate your comments and yes, it is a lot of work making the Top Tens, especially when armies attempt to cheat. Now unfortunately, I’m not the person who calculated the score for the Nacho Army – however I do know who did.

    I will send a message to Albaro now and provide him with the link to this post and he will hopefully be able to calculate it again and check if it’s wrong.

    As far as Garrett101 goes, I will speak to both Kingfunks4 and Zakster about the issue and raise your concern about the judge. Please take note however that there were actually two votes against the Nacho Army, so there’s a chance that Garrett wasn’t being bias, he honestly felt you guys lost.

    Zing King To
    CPAC Associate Producer

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