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New Rankings – Including Some Promotions!!

If your name is in green then you have recieved a promotion!

As you know there has just been an active count, and now the ranks have been cleared out. Set out below are the new rankings. If you have been removed from the ranks it is because you didn’t comment on the active count [or that I made a silly mistake] to get added back to the ranks simply comment on this post with;


Rank before active count;

[Don’t lie. I still have the ranks prior to the active count saved :lol:]

Well done to everyone who has been promoted, if you have been promoted it is because you have 1. Commented on the active count. 2. Worked very hard.

There are some of you however that are dangerously close to being demoted due to your inactivity. I have not detailed who these people are on the ranks. I’d expect them to know themselves whether they have been active enough of not.

If you have any problems or complaints, please see a leader on our Xat!

Thank you,

Chrisi Blule


Leader: Chrisi Blule, Laoise, Guitar48300, Vonchiefer.

Field Marshall: DjDan, Green Dai, Darkman.

General: Baseball1043, Jimichimi, Fluffy 9404, Topaz.

Lieutenant General: Camperjohn64, Tootal (AUSIA Leader), Water GuardTalexander, Edd64

Brigadier: Molbygirl, , Shy Ninja,  B Batman 3

Colonel:   Cooldude1a, Legofan Cy

Major: ,  Frigido, Miyls, Oggy

Captain:  Verum, Beauty74642, Foldez

Lieutenant: Cowboydan101, Poseidon112, Sarge

Warrant Officer:  Roccobo2003, Bandage23Skyblue170

Master Sergeant:  Marlowe, Timedragon, 95 Spider, Venus, Reshiram0801, Daffodaily5,

Sergeant: Bailey, Tysuke, 

Corporal: Butupi, Misty10, The Disco123

Lance Corporal: Andrew1606, Cookieball2, Penguin6559, Mr Cow2, Pielover42, Ryu401,

Private First Class Angel0746, Casillas2159, EvanSharma, Gary0503, Icepeinguin1, Isaac13170, jblover68594,  Jerypeng2, Josh8710, Justin Duck, Kajh123, Katerina Qt, Kat290, Kishu5, Lexus 07, Lollipop2487, Meggie8, Moohay, Mudstack89, Nachozman124, Ninjazoomer,  Papv99, Penguintato1, Penguity2004, Thinknoodle9, Yoshi725, 123nai, 28luis, Connerfrasor, Petey222, Cleyoe, Musicalizzy, Ericalexan, Skycraft55, Ocean10294, Im Sweet 983, Guinby, Penguy115,  Tropicana137, leleofficial,KaiPlayer75, Sassycat808, Reemguy2002, gbrock2003, Arine20,  pipa676, chewieman, Pinkypop9333, Omgie, mark876, NazeefaLeksh,  Bab Dude, Buritodaily, Candydude1, Clipper90, Crysthalia,, Demolord, Fluffy38, Ggpett

Private: ACooldude2230, Anakin Sky20, Casey1, Cuterachel1, Df27, Emma11229, Icee215, Iscorepoon, joeymnbvcxza, Love123ana, Mpgm, Nan Tan, Penguto1451, Qfive, Rainbowboy1, Rockykb1, secretkey1, Skipper233, Tremor 30512, Usoprincess, Waddles62798, Yoshe04, 3shi, Tommy3375, Brant12, Amorris03, Merpy Merpy, Skrubsweeper, O Donnel, Lily8070, Risha102, Abbu1234, Kaylebayle, Purplefoot59, Naruto124, Bodangles4, Patrick1star, Rashrunner12, Vappor5, Dilarakurnaz, Vilchis03, Wowbro12345, Boomer906,Sunny243, Richboy93803, Peyton40048, Priscilla181, Reshiram0801, Gblions22, Scarlet913, Mason1045, Fluffy51838, Flappy1842, Let It Go124, EPF222, Lindsay8805, Ashley Lily, Tommyboy51, Reyreyc8, Alisha 7, Gamebosstony, Amazon Rain1, Vane1139, Akku88872, Freezy32430, Ninja1679, Greenpop2007, Jericho2015, Penguin Rio 2, Headwig2007, Jessicasb3, Henrycatdog,Volcanic0321n, Smartangelo2, Penguy 115, Bellabellie, Sonic Rings3, Hotfiregurg, Funcky000, Beps0117, Yoniqua03, Alfonsolemon, Ugo46, Scarlet913, Medi1904, New Comer 25, kaipoop, Mexican_Cat, Azzaky, Drift745, BrookeDoesMc, Miley60cyrus, joji1512,Wad  Dles30888, Evelyn4, Minion5090, Printstudio1, BeauBlue1, Yeahmurica, Nsnickers03, Firespy10, Snapdragen, Madmonty1, Progamer8787.

First Class Mexican: Joker, Danny

4 Responses

  1. Thanks

  2. Thank you for the promotion! I ❤ it so much! : -) ; -)

  3. Username: Mario988
    Rank before active count; Lieutenant General

  4. Thank you for the promotion, well done everyone who received one, if you didn’t get a promotion keep recruiting and attending events 😀

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