“YET”–Nachos vs. DW [PB]T

Hola, Nachos

=B Batman3 here=

Today we fought an army that is much bigger than us, although surprisingly we actually put up a good fight for a good portion of the battle. We were outnumbered at the Town/Forts, but I think we won at the Dock. Anyway, We had ALOT of new recruits at the battle today who really never battled before. To all you recruits, you all did awesome for your first battles. Good work. Also, great job to DW. That was a really fun battle 🙂

We attempted “Yeet”

Good battle guys


****Nacho leader****

4 Responses

  1. i was in pic and there we lost but
    it was still a great fight!

  2. i am hatsun

  3. Made It!

  4. came

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