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Army-Wide Meeting/New CP Government

Hola everyone, Aka here.

With sentiment at its peak against multi-logging, bots, and other forms of cheating at its peak, I’d like to humbly propose a meeting between all Top 10 armies to discuss these events and to decide as a group what we as a community will have done about it.

CPAC does not wish to become a governing body for CP armies, and Commando is nowhere to be seen to support the TWA meetings/World Map, so this will be an emergency meeting to discuss the creation of a new governing body, and the aforementioned multi-logging crisis.

The only thing I’d like to ask of CPAC is to publicize this meeting so a majority of the community can witness the event take place, whatever rank they are in their armies. This is the community standing together, so its only right for the community’s news service to cover this.

Meeting Times:

The pre-meeting session all can attend:


Thursday, October 22nd

  • 5:30pm EST
  • 4:30pm CST
  • 3:30pm MST
  • 2:30pm PST

THE ACTUAL MEETING (Leaders/Represenatives)


  • 6:00pm EST
  • 5:00pm CST
  • 4:00pm MST
  • 3:00pm PST

If you need more times, come see me on Nacho chat and I will give you your times.

Other armies: Be aware that I will be around chats to remind people that this is taking place. Previous events held by the TWA had many people never show up because it was not advertised correctly or leaders forgot. Everyone is invited to attend the pre-meeting, but to keep the spamming to a minimum, non-represenatives will be guested. To keep things transparent though, pictures will be taken to later be posted.

Hope to see you all there.


7 Responses

  1. You need to start inviting me.

  2. I’m coming for sure.

  3. However the times are a bit late for me, but I’ll try and sneak on.

  4. […] refusing to take any further action because they don’t want to be a government for armies whilst ignoring the creation of a new government entirely. I can’t say that they aren’t trying entirely, but when you are shelling out […]

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