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Victory at Cloudy!

At 8:20 PM EST, I looked at Silverburg’s post today on the RPF site. I chuckled a bit, and then I began posting this.

With the smiling faces of new recruits on our chat, we decided to log on a little early, at about 7:45 PM. The battle was meant to be at 8:00. We racked up some good size in the Pool, and then we moved onto the Ice Berg to face the defending army, RPF. There, we dominated the unorganized RPF with a horizontal wall formation across the Ice Berg. We then knew it was time to finish them off, so we moved to capture the Ice Rink. RPF pursued, but we were already in our plus formation. The RPF quickly surrendered. Nachos I think we maxed about 21. We had a lot of people on chat. You guys did well today, It was a lot of soldiers first battles.


Props to the Rebel Penguin Federation.

They respectfully surrendered the battle and they even said “great battle”. That please me, because at least RPF showed us some sportsmanship.



Short response to Silverburg:

Silverburg repeatedly calls me out in a VERY disrespectful way.

Now, If I was a seven year old girl, I could say Silver is bullying me!!!!

RPF, I have loved you since the day I joined. I still love you as an army. But I’m just letting you know, the Nachos want to take EVERY one of your servers. What do I want you’re probably asking? I want all you RPF to revolt against Silverburg and Elmikey, the clowns that control YOUR army. Not THEIR army, YOUR army.

If you didn’t know, I joined RPF in June 2011. I had been in a lot of armies before RPF, but I decided to join just because, well they looked cool. I was given a mid-member rank by the leader at the time, Ziehen. By October, I had achieved low moderator. My computer then got a virus for about 2 months and I wasn’t able to come on. I came back 2 months later to find out that Ziehen was retiring soon and that ATM would be the new leader. I made my way up the ranks until I was a second highest mod. ATM then retired and the RPF site was destroyed. Talyor455 was chosen to be the successor. Under Talyor, I was chosen to be a 3ic. RPF did alright for the next month or so until Talyor tried to merge RPF into UMA. Veterans revolted and overthrew Tal replacing him with Cassius Brutus and Alex N. Under Cas and Alex N, I was given the rank of temp. leader, and eventually real leader. I beat PRA in a war single handedly and RPF started to do decent. I got stupid and I tried to give Cas the boot. This led to Dj becoming a leader and then a whole shitstorm of events. I told an old RPF leader, Cewan that RPF was leaderless. He returned with ATM for 2 weeks where RPF made it to the top 7. Cewan and ATM abandoned RPF because of other things, and I was given leadership again. I led RPF in its darkest hour from August 2012-April 2013 when Red Gush24 came back from the dead(almost literally). I helped advise his leadership until Commando and Elmikey showed up. I rejoined of course, and as you all know RPF achieved it’s greatest height since 2007. Eventually in August 2013, I became an RPF leader and I was a key part in defeating the Army Republic in a war. This time, I didn’t get stupid. I realized what a tyrant , manipulative, egotistical idiot Elmikey was and I attempted to overthrow him alongside Dj and a few other people. The uprising got so big that it went to poll on the RPF site. I eventually lost the poll, but Dj and I intended to keep the uprising going. We fled to the Golds where we thought we’d be able to finally achieve our goal, kicking Elmikey out. Well, Dj abandoned me and I eventually failed. I rejoined RPF a couple of times, but for the most part, since RPF basically has been controlled by Elmikey since 2013, I haven’t been allowed in RPF.

I’m on the RPF legends page for a lot of generations, a lot more than Elm and Silver. Elm and Silv, you guys are free to leave at any time.

That’s a really shortened version of my time in RPF. I could’ve probably wrote an entire book on it, but none of you care enough.


Well guys, sorry for the flame part of that post. Just thought it was necessary.

Comment if you came.

Great work today.


****Nacho leader****

****Former RPF Leader****

Aka Edit: Silver also called me out in the post, however the things I said were apparently too hard for him to handle and he deleted the comment. I saved the response though, and will paraphrase it here.

For how irrelevant, tiny, and terrible the Nachos are, you seemed to have forgotten that if we were so beneath you, Silver, that you would have never declared war on us. You say in the post that we act as if getting 30+ is a big deal, and that we haven’t topped 20 in the war yet (lol), but if it was such an easy task then why doesn’t RPF get 30+? And don’t even try to blame Clout for it. She and Robot are doing the best they can with what they have whilst a depression is happening and two former leaders gone psycho hovering over her back watching everything she does and talking shit about her on other chats. Hell, even before this war began you (Silver) were on Nacho chat picking fights and blaming the drop on her when Robot and her are doing the best with what they were given.

Kevin has already gone through his section, but you decided to devote a paragraph to Dan and I. Let it be known, for the thousandth time now, that Dan101’s CP account is named “akabob223”, while mine that I am using is “The Hawk Aka.” Simple enough for you to remember? Good, I am glad you’ve finally begun reading rather than forcing random people on the RPF chat to address you by a title that you don’t deserve nor have you earned. I am 20 and leaving in January; just here to help give advice and show people the right way to do things, nothing more or less than that, but Silver’s hypocrisy doesn’t end with just that. If you want to make me being 20, in college, and leaving soon a focal point, then I am sure everybody is alright with you being 19 and in college in a CP army as well. You can say “I-I’m not in RPF anymore!” but thats bullshit because you’re making posts on the behalf of RPF while you are a main owner on the chat and on xat every day as well as saying that “RPF aren’t loyal to the army, they are loyal to me”, so yeah, you’re representing RPF.

To finish, if I was still this “terrible” leader i was six years ago, then the leadership wouldn’t have put me as 2ic. Good job contradicting yourself by the way. “No one reads his posts, but I decided to read one.”


4 Responses

  1. I was there, and great battle. Glad we didn’t lose to the 8 penguins.

  2. Made it. Viva Los Nachos!

  3. Im in it!!! Im aidenfox8! Anyways, that was a great battle! We dominated the RPF!

  4. i was there but there wasnt my name in the list made later on

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